Little Gems: 25

16 Mar 2017

Happy things

I’m scribbling this down in the brief interlude between a late dinner and going to bed. I feel like it’s been an age since I’ve done this, and I don’t like it. Being kept away from my internet corner; from all the unwritten words floating around my brain. Life has been busy recently. I have a big work deadline at the end of March and there is NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY. It’s giving me headaches from not taking a break all day and grumpy mood swings cos, lol can’t hack tiredness. But life is still full of the good stuff:

1) I just had the best weekend with my gals. As always, Sunday saw me with a sore throat from all the talking and a hella cheese hangover. They descended on my flat on Saturday morning where we had brunch (mmm smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels) and chatted until it was late afternoon. We hung around the cheese aisle in M&S, got take away coffee and wandered round the cathedral and then headed into London where we made homemade pizza and ate too much cheese at our gal’s new flat. And naturally there was brunch in the morning – shout out to the shakshuka in Whyte and Brown on Carnaby Street. 

2) Broadchurch. It’s back, it’s back! Eight weeks of David’s lovely face and eight weeks of WHO THE BAD GUY HUH HUH?

3) Short hair, don’t care. Yup had my hair chopped off. It’s a bit shorter than I was originally planning but I had a mad moment in the chair. Still not entirely sure I like it tbh but it’ll probs grow on me... SEE WHAT I DID THERE.  

4) The first weekend of March. The weather felt like spring; there was blue skies and a hint of blossom. I hopped on a train after work on the Thursday, stopped off in Derby for a brief but beautiful meal with one of my uni pals, and then carried on the Sheffield to spend the weekend with family and my furbabies. It was all just lovely. I hadn’t seen my friend in about seven months and in about 3 minutes we were discussing our bowel habits and I love those friendships. And it was the best to spend the weekend chatting and chilling with my family, as well as cuddling cats, well, constantly. 

5) My dad wrote a porno podcast. I finally got round to listening to series 2 and I am of the firm belief that this is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. If you haven’t listened, you’re missing a treat. 

6) Apple Tree Yard. If you didn’t see this when it aired a few weeks back, I implore you to go catch up. It was SO good. A tad traumatising but, you know, what decent BBC drama isn’t? 

7) Films. I love this time of year in the cinema. There are so many incredible films to go see and I never manage to catch them all. I feel like Lion and Hidden Figures may end up waiting until dvd release now but shout out to La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, Denial and Jackie.   

8) Making plans. ALL the plans. The girls and I have booked a holiday in Wales for July which gives me all the squidgy, happy feels every time I think about it. I’m going to squeeze in a trip to Edinburgh this weekend and G and I have been manically booking tickets and reservations for New York (20 days and counting...). 

9) Ed’s new album. INSERT ALL THE HEART EYE EMOJIS. I’d say Barcelona is my favourite song but Eraser, Castle on the Hill, Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan are all strong contenders for the top spot. Heck, I just love it all and refuse to listen to anything else for a long time (soz G). 

10) Olympus Pen camera. It happened. I bought it. And it’s all kinds of dreamy.

Have a dreamy weekend you sass things.