Little Gems: 19

1 Mar 2016

Little Gems
Love padlock things down at Liverpool docks. 

1) Life is so busy right now, I may have to stop going to work just to get everything done. We all have to make sacrifices I suppose.

2) CLARE-BEAR got married! Clare-Bear is my cousin by the way; I still haven't got out of that irritating habit of calling her by her childhood nickname. Our whole family descended on Liverpool this weekend, which is suuuuuch a great city, and it was pretty emotional to watch my gal get hitched.

3) Still grieving over the end of our holiday in Tenerife. Sobs.

4) Speaking of grief; WHY IS EVERYONE DYING?! Genuinely so sad about Louise Rennison leaving us; that woman's quotes shaped my friendship with the girls. Also, have I come to terms with Alan Rickman yet? Have I heck. #turntopage394

5) How much desk-envy to I have over Hannah Gale's desk? Clue: A LOT.

6) 50 best beaches in the world; just some torture for you whilst you're sat at your desk and the rain lashes against the window.

7) Wait, March?! When the heck did you show up?!

8) Taza has made me want to go to Australia big time. 

10) It's getting lighter! Have you noticed? Spring is basically, pretty much, almost here.