A week of sunsets in Tenerife

30 Jan 2016


First of all; WHY. Why did it take me so long to go on a sunny holiday in January? It is GENIUS. I have spent the past week in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, openly saying 'why isn't everyone doing this?'; although in a whisper because I don't want anyone else to catch on (she says, writing a blog post...). I, like many others I imagine, have always thought the idea of going somewhere sunny in the winter is a good one (who wouldn't?) but, until this year, I've continued to go on 'summer holidays' like most other people. Well now, I am truly a convert. British summers may not always be the best but foreign sun in the middle of our winter is more needed, more therapeutic and more liberating.

I have spent a week feeling free in that way only travel can create. Free in the small ways; I love throwing an old pair of shorts over my swimsuit and that's dressing done, and not brushing my hair or wearing make up. But also that freedom that comes with not having to stress over money or career or general daily issues. To just read, laugh with my favourite person, write, swim... it was so good to just BE; to contemplate this big, scary, gorgeous world in peace for a moment.

Every day the sun would peak over the top of the mountains our apartment clung to at exactly half ten, and each evening we would watch it set, sinking behind the island opposite and turning the sky a whole array of gorgeous colours. This created a lot of conversations about the science behind the sun moving across the sky, the curvature of the earth; trying to get our heads round the utter madness of us little beings clinging to the side of this enormous planet spinning through the solar system.

Needless to say, the sunsets made us feel humble and we thought they were the best thing; there was definite irritation at others not appreciating it, so much so that there were threats to throw a flip flop at the guy two balconies down who was facing the opposite direction to the sunset. How DARE he not take the time to stop and acknowledge the natural wonder right in front of him!

Other natural beauties on the island included the volcanic effect on the glittery black sand and the unusual colour of the cliffs, both slightly eerie and yet comforting in their solidness. We took a boat trip where we got to see them up close as well as the local wildlife including some whales and a whole pod of dolphins which was pretty much a flippin' dream for me.

Whilst I mainly lived off a diet of ice creams, cocktails, milkshakes & breadsticks (and a marvellous diet it was too), we did do some exploring of the local restaurants. One of my favourites was one where you could sit outside in the town square, next to the pretty local church, and just watch the world go by. My other favourite was the Regency Restaurant which was the kind of place where you could close your eyes, point at the menu and whatever you landed on would taste amazing.

The volcano was a constant presence, looking over us and my favourite day was our mini road trip in Teide National Park, including going to the top of Mount Teide itself.

Whilst winter sun is harder to leave, you at least soak up enough Vit D to help you survive until Spring. Hopefully.