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6 Mar 2016

London Eats | Hummus Bros

I’m at work and perusing blogs/articles on food. This ain’t what I’m actually paid to do (I wish) but it was a scheduled five minute break. That I’d scheduled myself. Cos breaks important.

Then suddenly I’m reading something about a food place called Hummus Bros and I’m all like did someone say HOUMOUS? (erm, what’s the actual spelling of hummus…humous… houmous...that chickpea dip? Does anyone know?!) I was so in the mood for houmous (apparently that's the spelling we're going for). I hit up google maps and found one a 15 minute walk from the office. BAM.  

Bye bitches, off to get houmous.

Cept I didn’t actually say that cos no one sits near me at work #loser. Anyway, I marched straight there. Well no, I totally got distracted by Waterstones because, ya know, BOOKS and I laughed at the mother’s day section cos I was picturing my mum’s face if I bought her a colouring book and I also bought my cousin a ‘congrats on your wedding’ card cos she got married and this was exciiiiiiting… what was I saying?

Oh yes, so I marched/meandered through the busy London streets, enjoying the sunshine and the general hustle & bustle of all these people/pigeons going about their lives and debating whether I should even bother going back to work and just have a day out with myself, and eveeeeentually ended up at Hummus Bros ready for some of the chickpea magic.

If I'd had more time, I'd have stayed and eaten there because I really enjoyed the simplistic, chilled vibe the place has going on. Sadly, though, I am not paid to sit in cool London cafes and indulge on houmous bowls so I went for the take out option.

Yes, you did hear the words 'houmous' and 'bowl' there. Basically, houmous is used as a base for everything and then you can choose toppings; I went for the chicken and falafel salad and guys, it was dreamy.

The houmous was so tasty and creamy, the chicken was sautéed in a tomato sauce and the falafel balls were so bright and fresh, served up with tomato and coriander salsa and tzatziki. And you get a pitta bread which, just FYI, was the best pitta I've ever had. It was how pitta is meant to be rather than the thin, pathetic things you get in shops. It was soooo thick and warm and oh hi there little pitta pillow.

I went for a small portion which I'd recommend, because, well, it's not small and I was so full afterwards. There was so much food but it was all so tasty and DAMN I cannot stop eating and now I'm just a houmous monster sat at a desk.

But this is all good because a small portion was £5.65 as it was and I am so not down with breaking the bank over lunch only to be presented with one puréed chickpea and a pitta crumb (we've all been to those kinda places).

More on Hummus Bros here and their menu is here. Go turn yourself into a houmous monster too; I ain't judging.

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