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It started with the realisation that I'd made it to my twenties without really knowing how to cook. As a self-confessed foodie, I could no longer allow myself to live off pasta. Apparently it’s less acceptable when you’re not a student. 

So I’m teaching myself. It started out as simply trying to acquire an essential life skill and turned into a much-loved hobby. 

I read cookbooks, blogs, set myself challenges, question people about their kitchen skills and, most of all, COOK. Every day I realise more and more that cooking can be so easy, so much fun and not remotely as intimidating as it looks if you’ve never set foot in the kitchen.  I report back my experiences and what I’ve learnt here, usually with easy-to-follow instructions and pictures, so you can also easily join this cooking journey (also, because I do not understand why anyone would talk about food without providing a hella lot of pictures!).  

So welcome to Kate’s kitchen. You have my word that I won’t talk about diets but I can’t promise that I won’t regularly present you with a new type of mac n cheese recipe... 

Confessions of a foodie 

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