Little Gems: 11

15 Sept 2015

1) So the lovely curly haired girl in the picture above is one of my best friends from uni, who is currently adventuring on the other side of the world. She sent me THE LOVELIEST message about this blog this week so special mention going out to her today.

2) Cheesy pasta with a great big dollop of mustard. Is this weird? Probably. Tastes good though.

3) Accidentally ended up a little bit merry on Friday night.... Yeah, alright, a lot merry. As it turns out, me and my favourite work pal can drink through A LOT of wine in a very short space of time. Lots of fun was had. Probably best to keep the embarrassing stories off the internet though...

4) The hangover was a marvellous excuse for a big pile of pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries. Oh yeeeeeah.

5) Long country walks on a Sunday; I'm getting a bit obsessed with them.

7) It's time for the BBC Autumn dramas to start rolling out and I am exciiiiiited. Can't wait to settle down and watch Doctor Foster aaaaand Doctor Who is back on Saturday!

8) Bed days; sooooo needed every once in a while (ahem, every Saturday).

9) 10 ways to make you feel better at work. I am definitely someone who needs to take note of this.

10)  Have become a big fan of Tim Dowling's weekend column in recent weeks.