Pregnancy | The Second Trimester

20 Oct 2021

Pregnancy second trimester

If the first trimester felt like time stood still, the second seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. 

My morning sickness faded away at 12 weeks which was an absolute bloody relief but I will admit that the whole ‘you will feel great in the second trimester’ thing was a disappointment at first. I still seriously lacked in energy, my appetite still felt off and the hormones – wow. Any other pregnant women ever seriously considered whether they might just murder the drunk teenager on the train? No? Oh right, me neither…  I have never been so irritable or so inexplicably homicidal apparently. My hormones felt wildly out of control; I was overwhelmed by it and, to top it off, pregnancy heartburn kicked in like a literal fire. Twice it got so bad that I was physically sick which, naturally, was a joy to behold. ‘Pregnancy glow’ my arse. 

And then 20 weeks came around and it was like someone had flicked a switch. My energy began to creep up, I discovered Gaviscon in liquid form (I now just swig this like a bloke swigging whiskey from a hipflask) and those weird feelings in my belly turned into unmistakable nudges. We had our 20-week scan, discovered the sex of our little bub and saw them in all their glory; perfectly formed and healthy. It was a turning point. I felt like my personality had returned and I finally understood what people mean when they refer to the ‘honeymoon’ period of pregnancy. 

Alright, so I can no longer sleep through the night without my bladder repeatedly waking me up, the boobs leaking (talk about early to the party) or the heartburn flaring, sitting down for long periods is getting uncomfortable and if we go away, I have to take my own pillows with me like a proper little princess (oh and let’s not even discuss how much Gaviscon I’m getting through in a week). But, the second half of the second trimester had me feeling my most normal and energetic. And those baby kicks make it all feel very special. I could sit and watch my belly moving for hours; it is so fascinating. And yes, I talk to them in a stupid baby voice. Can’t help it. Soz not soz. 

We are doing a couple of antenatal courses, have been pram shopping and are starting to prepare the nursery, but I probably am still in denial about how fast my due date is approaching. Where are the weeks disappearing to?! Safe to say we are on the home stretch now. If anyone wants to bring me cushions and snacks on, say, an hourly basis for the entirety of the third trimester then that would be grand...