Recent Happy Things

8 Oct 2021

 Recent happy things

Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it… How is it October already?! Yeah, you said it. 

Not sure if it’s the pregnancy or the fact we spent the first half of the year in lockdown but it really does feel like 2021 vanished. Also not helped by the fact that I spent most of September laden down with a cold & chest infection. Tell you what lads, I will never ever take cold & flu tablets or proper cough medicine (which you can’t take when pregnant) for granted again. What I would have given for some kind of decongestant I tell ya. Anyway, enough about my bodily functions, here’s some of the good stuff from recent weeks:

A wedding! It was just so bloody lovely to go to a wedding, one free of covid restrictions and finally able to go ahead after multiple postponements. And there were fireworks and who doesn’t bloody love fireworks?!

Pizza @ Scott’s All Day. After a lil pram shopping session (surprisingly fun), Gary and I went for lunch at Scott’s All Day in Cambridge and those were some sexy pizzas. Ngl, the mac n cheese bites were sadly disappointing but the pizzas absolutely made up for it. Would recommend. 

& Chai candles. Autumn hits, I buy candles. Can’t help it. I bought one of these & Chai candles last year and fell in love with both the gorgeous scent and the wooden wick which crackles like a real fire. So I invested in two more this year – the Sundaze and the Evermore (love the Taylor reference) and they both smell uh-mazing. 

Gordon’s non-alcoholic gin. Shout out to my friend Claire for recommending this to me because it is by far the best non-alcoholic gin I have come across. I genuinely cannot tell the difference and it’s really stepped up to the mark in those moments where I fancy something a bit snazzier than a coke whilst with non-pregnant drinkers. 

An autumnal cabin in Norfolk. We went back to where we went glamping last year, only this time we stayed in the little cabin on site instead. The weather did not play ball and I was having regular coughing fits but we had a lovely cosy time all the same. 

Isabella Oliver maternity clothes. Bit of a niche one but finding decent, flattering maternity clothes has not been that easy and I love the fit and quality of these clothes. They’re also environmentally conscious and have options to rent and I’m just all-round a big fan.  

A weekend in the Peak District. After a temporary hiatus last year, the girls and I went on our annual country weekend away, bringing the other halves along this time. We stayed in a gorgeous house (with a to-die-for bath) in the beautiful countryside and it was all-round lovely. So weird to think that the next time we’re together, there will be babies (yes, plural) amongst us. 

Teddy bear baby outfits. HOW can I possibly resist?

No Time To Die. Been patiently waiting for this one to come out since booking tickets to go see it in March 2020, so I was a happy bunny when I finally sat down in the cinema with an enormous bag of popcorn. I suspect this may be my last cinema trip for a while (not that there’s been many of them in recent times, sadly) and it felt like an excellent film for my temporary last hurrah. THAT ENDING THOUGH. 

Autumn TV. Speaking of good viewing, I love the tellybox at this time of year. There’s so much good stuff on. Loved Vigil, loving series two of The Morning Show and let’s not forget my ultimate fave, Bake Off, which is bringing me joy every week.