Phone Break-Up | Week Four

22 Apr 2018

Smartphone addiction

~ I am doing a 30-day phone 'break-up' challenge from the book How to break up with your phone’ by Catherine PriceRead more about why here and here. ~

First up, yes I know that this post is a casual three weeks after the last one. You know how it is, shit gets in the way *shrugs*. So if you were wondering; no, I didn’t give up on the whole phone break-up challenge.

Second up, this post isn’t as detailed as the others simply because week four of the challenge was more about preparing for how you’re going to use your phone going forward, rather than different tasks for each day. It encourages you to reflect on the trial separation weekend (see my last post for more details) and then start practicing habits such as ‘phasting’ (having regular phone-free time), ignoring your own cravings to pick up your phone and checking yourself when you do pick up your phone unnecessarily as well as giving you tips and hacks to maintain the healthy relationship you’ve created with your phone over the last few weeks.

It also encourages you to clean up the rest of your digital life. For me, this has been a bit of a mammoth task so I’ve not quite finished it yet. I started with tackling my personal email account – it’s an email I’ve had since 2009 and I’ve barely deleted any emails in that time. There was so much crap lurking in there I tell ya. There were 4798 unread emails and god knows how many read ones. It quite literally took hours to get it down to a more healthy 412 unread emails that I actually want to look at properly. So I still need to go through those and sort but at least that’s more manageable. I’ve also gone through all the accounts I follow on Twitter, un-following several I’m no longer interested in and creating a lot of lists (if you’re unfamiliar with the list function on twitter – and I’d highly recommend using it – check out this explanation by Katy). It’s made my twitter feed much more manageable and ensures I actually see posts from people I want to see. Next on my to-list is to cull who I follow on Instagram; only following people I really want to follow.

So here we are; 30 day phone break-up challenge complete. I’ll be reflecting on the challenge and whether I’ve slipped back into old habits or not in a separate post within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the weather is still pretty grand so I’m off back outside to catch some rays now that our neighbours have stopped playing shit music from their terrace (because half the people enjoying afternoon tea in the cafĂ© below really wanted to listen to rave music pal…). See ya!