10 Restaurants To Try In St Albans: A Bucket List

1 Apr 2018

Ten restaurants to try in St Albans, Hertfordshire

The amount of places to eat in St Albans never fails to amaze me; the list is seemingly endless. In fact, there are so many that G and I decided we need to get organised if we were going to try everywhere we wanted to try before we move next year (also on a side note - it's two years today since we moved to this lovely place!).

Yeah, okay, we actually made a list of restaurants to try in an organised time frame. We’re super cool, please still invite us to parties.

There are more than ten on our list and no doubt we’ll keep adding, but these are the highlights:

Little Marrakesh

I walk past this place on a daily basis and it always draws the eye. The front window is tiny but it’s this little burst of exotic colour as you walk down the high street. This is right at the top of my list because we’ve been talking about going there for two bloody years. Get me some Moroccan food please.

The Bishops Cave

G and I were walking up the hill towards home the other day (it’s the mother of all hills just FYI) and as we approached the top, we noticed a freakin’ cheese and wine bar had suddenly appeared. Cue minor freak out on my part. A CHEESE AND WINE BAR JUST ROUND THE CORNER FROM MY FLAT, WHAT IS THIS DREAM. Yeah, so, no big deal. I’ll go whenever.

The Prae Wood Arms

The moment summer starts playing ball, G and are taking a lil country walk to this place just a little outside of St Albans. Sweet mother have mercy, the look of that beer garden with the slopes and river… heart emojis everywhere. Also, the menu looks that little bit sexier than the average pub. Hello feta burger.

The Foragers at The Verulam Arms

A wild-food pub tucked down a little side street in the shadow of the cathedral. The foragers are a group of hunters/gatherers who forage wild plants, fruits & fungi from the wild and then cook and serve up at the pub. V excited to try this one!

The Meating Room

A little place serving up a whole host of sexy looking burgers. Everything is hand-made, with no preservatives, and there’s an even mix of veggie and meat options. I got my eye on those milkshakes as well. They also provide jobs and apprenticeships for local young people, and any surplus stocks is donated to the Jubilee Centre Community Meals team in St Albans so a good one to support.

Craft and Cleaver 

A Brooklyn-inspired smokehouse & bar which describe themselves as specialising in wood-fired BBQ, craft beer and cocktails. It looks quirky, G is sold on the craft beer and anything that is inspired by NYC is always worth a shot in my books.

Rose and Crown

Ngl, we have tried most pubs in St A now but not this little one just yet. It’s on the other side of the park so one for a lazy walk in the summer and some good pub grub.


Turkish food! THERE IS SO MUCH HALLOUMI ON THE MENU I CAN’T EVEN. Pretty much all that needs to be said on the matter.

Per Tutti 

Italian food; what’s not to love? V keen to mosey on past the Pizza Express and Zizzi’s and go try out an independent Italian place. I’ve particularly got my eye on their Giardiniera pizza; goat’s cheese and pesto all the way.

I’ve walked past this place a couple of times and it always looks super cute. They serve up local, seasonal food and I am all about their décor. Also, they seem to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner so if I like it, I may have to go on three separate occasions *shrugs*.