The Weekend | Sunshine!

15 Apr 2018

A sunny weekend in St Albans

G won money on the Grand National yesterday so naturally we had to go to the pub right? Which is why I’m now sat on the sofa nursing a hangover. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s mild or severe… could go either way right now. If the cathedral bells continue to lose their shit as they are currently doing, it could hit severe territory. Still G just popped out for supplies (hopefully mostly baked goods) so we’re on the up.

I’ve just noticed that I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks. The main reason for this is I’ve had a sudden spurt of motivation for novel writing and that’s been all consuming. My blog is not the only thing that has been neglected but I’m trying to embrace it for as long as possible.

I’ve also re-read and re-watched all the Twilight saga books/films (don’t ask me where that sudden desire came from) and been perpetually grumpy over the constant greyness pressing against the windows. I’m not normally one to be utterly fed up with a season (I’m one of those people that actually likes winter) but it’s just been so bloody grey of late and it really has had an effect on my mood.

But Saturday was kind to me this weekend and the sun came out to play. As did the smell of BBQs because us Brits can’t help but go mad at the first sign of Vitamin D.

A few of G’s friends came up for a day trip to St Albans and we just had the loveliest day. We crowded into our flat for cups of teas and catch ups (and games with the kids). We took a lazy walk through the park (the sun was really hot, it was, it was, it was!). We had a two-course long lunch at The Waffle House (along with half of St Albans apparently) and then felt very sick which was somewhat inevitable. We played in the playground; well the kids did, we sat on a bench and absorbed those rays. We sat in a beer garden for the first time this year having a solid catch up and it was just swell.  After we’d said goodbye to everyone, G and I closed the front door, looked at each other for a second and went ‘we’re going back to the pub aren’t we?’

My mood so noticeably improved with the sunshine out and it’s given me such a zen for the summer now; pub gardens, afternoons in the park, BBQs, hazy evenings – let’s do this. In the meantime, it’s cloudy again today (*insert a massive eye roll*) so I’m heading back to novel writing.

See ya x