Easter Weekend

3 Apr 2018

Easter Weekend

Ah post-bank holiday Tuesday. It was such an effort to get out of bed this morning and such a waste because I got to the station and all the London-bound trains were down. NOT A DRILL. The queue for ticket refunds was pretty epic I have to say.

So that was a good welcome-back-to-reality. I’m now on the sofa, chomping on a Nakd bar and waiting for my work emails to load. Dreamy.

Anyway, Easter weekend.

Genuinely one of my favourite weekends of the year. It’s kinda like a chilled out version of Christmas and I love it. Occasionally we’re away, usually somewhere peaceful in the UK, but my faves tend to just be when we’re at home with no real plans. I love this so much that I make that my plans for the four-day weekend; deliberately trying to always keep the weekend free. My plans are to step back from the world, hunker down slightly, and just do whatever takes my fancy on the day.

I did have this vision that the weather would be a tad nicer. I was thinking proper start-of-Spring with blue skies; my denim jacket being brought out of hibernation and maybe a cheeky drink in a pub garden?

Alas, the weather seems to be confused and thinks it’s November. Bless him.

G was out for work drinks on Thursday night so I kicked off the weekend with a long soak, a Ryan Gosling film and half an easter egg like a true cliché. I spent six quid on a special Easter Lush bath bomb that smelt of all things beautiful. Six quid though; lucky I have a gift card eh.

On Friday morning, I snuggled into my pillow whilst we hypothetically browsed houses on rightmove and didn’t get out of bed until midday because B A N K   H O L I D A Y. I then headed to my usual café for writing-time but only managed to write about 50 words before being like WHY IS THIS CHILD SCREAMING IN MY EAR. Turns out I prefer café writing on non-bank holidays so I headed home to paint my nails whilst binge watching Friends instead cos ain’t nobody got time for shrieking children. Particularly with parents that were openly encouraging the child to shriek… what is that about?!

My mum had invited us round for dinner and I went wild and suggested we get the train so we could both drink. My mum made a crackin’ mac ‘n’ cheese and vegan brownies, and I drank 3 glasses of wine because I like to milk the bank holiday excuse for all it's worth.

I woke up on Saturday morning and realised I’d slept in my contact lenses like a first-class idiot, and I’m now wondering how I managed to be so stupid every time my eye twitches from a suspected scratch. Top work Kate.

We had brunch at Street Café which was such a me type place. The décor is all fairy lights, wooden floors and generally shabby chic, and there’s a massive counter piled with cakes. After devouring a pile of eggs, avocado, chorizo & halloumi, we stocked up on food for the next couple of days and then headed out in the car. I randomly grabbed an old You Me At Six CD to listen to and got that little happy buzz you get when listening to old music and remember what a fecking tuuuuuuune it is. So I badly sang along as we drove through the Hertfordshire countryside.

We’re back on our where-shall-we-buy-a-house mission so thought we’d go check out areas of Hertfordshire that we don’t know but are potentially in our price range. Conclusion: the main area we were considering with the majority of houses we can afford is, ahem, interesting. There were a couple of other areas which were fine but with a limited amount of houses in our price range. So we sat in a café munching on lemon meringue pie and wondered whether we should reintroduce the idea of moving into the midlands.

So when we got home, we searched for houses in the midlands and I wanted to do a little sick down myself when I saw what we could afford there compared to what we could afford here. You’d have thought the houses in Hertfordshire were paved in bloody gold or summin’.

Anyway, that was enough big life talk for one day so we popped on over to Little Marrakech where we had a table booked. This babe of a restaurant deserves a post of its own but let’s just say I freakin’ loved it and face planted the almond pie I had for dessert.

Sunday morning saw me tackle my personal email inbox for the first time ever – I’ve had it since 2009 and have probably deleted about five emails in that entire time. I managed to get it down from 4798 to 412 and FELT LIKE A CHAMPION (that’s just the unread emails btw, there were A LOT more just hanging around like a nine-year-old bad smell). I then watched a week’s worth of Corrie (my not-so-guilty pleasure) with a Lindt bunny and browsed more houses in the midlands; and the whole afternoon seemed to disappear.

Seeing as it was a Sunday where I didn’t have to go to work the next day, I poured myself a glass of wine, whacked on that YMAS album again and danced round the kitchen whilst whipping up some homemade pizzas. Kneading dough so therapeutic no? And then we watched the new Agatha Christie BBC drama with even more chocolate. It was Easter Sunday after all.

Oh and on Monday I started watching series 3 of How To Get Away With Murder and planned out novel chapters in between browsing rightmove again and dreaming of 4 bed detached houses because I’m just that cool these days. I also went hunting for a sausage roll mid-afternoon because I had a sudden craving. Costa are now doing sausage rolls if you’re interested.

Does this read like my year 8 diary? Probably.

Hope your first day back at work wasn’t too painful dear reader.

Easter Weekend