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3 Feb 2018

New month, new random rambles

February life catch up

Ey up chaps.

I’m currently sat on the sofa (shocker) curled up in a blanket and considering wearing gloves because my hands are FREEZING. It’s one of those days where it feels dark by midday; it’s raining, it’s cloudy and the flat feels gloomy. So I’ve lit a bunch of candles and it probs looks like I’m about to have a séance or something. Meh.

It’s February, in case you haven’t noticed. I saw a lot of people tweeting about how they felt January was slower than a snail but I honestly don’t know what happened to it.

It was pretty manic from the moment we got back from Brighton. This week was the first week of the whole month I didn’t have several deadlines at work and, what do ya know, it’s actually quite nice to not be attempting to type faster then is actually possible or doing work on a Saturday morning. We’ve planned the wedding, planned holidays, been to Kent, been out for several celebratory drinks with friends; yes, we have been haemorrhaging money but hopefully that’s going to calm down a bit now.

She says as she orders currency for Singapore.

Oh and yeah, we booked flights to Ireland this morning (we do have a wedding there in May if that goes anyway to making me sound less holiday-mad…)

I don’t really know what this post is by the way. Just a random ramble.

What can I tell ya?

I have a minor hangover cos G and I went out for drinks, dinner and more drinks last night. We went to Busaba, a Thai place round the corner which I think is pretty new to these parts. G went so far as saying it might be his favourite place we’ve eaten in St Albans ever which I thought was a pretty bold claim. But, I gotta agree, I was a big fan of the chilled vibe to the place. We stayed for about 3 hours, just chatting, and they seemed quite happy to let us sit there long after we’d finished our food.

I think I’ve found a dress to wear for another wedding we’re going to in March. I really like it, usual irrational body hang-ups aside, but I’ve realised it’s definitely one to wear with heels. When I said this to G, he looked at me funny and was like ‘but you don’t wear heels?’ and I realised that I haven’t worn heels in approx. 200 years. I dug out some from the back of the wardrobe, that I probably bought back when I was a student, and it was like Bambi learning to walk, no joke. So yeah, am now browsing ASOS for heels I might actually be able to walk in without falling over and flashing my pants to 100 wedding guests.

I was hoping February was going to be a bit quieter but it’s a short month and I’ll be spending 9 days of it in Singapore, plus starting my new role at work, so I doubt it. March. March will be slower and cheaper. Hopefully.

Nice problems to have though eh?

In other really-not-that-interesting-news, am contemplating deleting twitter off my phone (lol so groundbreaking Kate) because I keep finding myself mindlessly scrolling through it despite the fact that it just seems more depressing every day. It can be a v witty and brilliant place but can also make you think the world is about to end any second and people are horrible beings. And I get enough of that from reading the news headlines tbh.

And on that note, I’m going to turn off my phone, have a bath filled with an excessive amount of bubbles and bath bombs, before whipping up some homemade pizzas and resuming my position on the sofa.

Happy Saturday and all that.

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