Honey, I'm home

20 Feb 2018


Guess who plonked down at Heathrow airport at 4:45am this morning? Complete with jet lag, sunburn and a chesty cough; a crackin’ set of souvenirs don’t ya think?

I’m writing this from the flat after spending the day unpacking, eating pasta pesto and watching Gavin & Stacey. It’s currently 1am Singapore time so attempting to stay awake for the next few hours is going to be a jolly hoot, I’m sure.

Not going to lie, I’m a secretly a little glad to be reunited with my jogging bottoms, British food and the same time zone as G (kinda hard to maintain regular conversations when one of you is 8 hours ahead). Oh and being back in the land of no humidity. There’s only so much sweat a girl can handle before she’s crying over how much she misses fresh air (not a concept in Singapore; it’s humidity or air con – take your pick).

Despite that, our trip was amazing and I have a lot to report so expect my rambles to be rather Singapore-heavy for the immediate future. I’ll be chatting about my favourite days, what we loved and what we were like, erm what’s the fuss about exactly (cough Sentosa cough).

In the meantime, I’m going to go splash myself with some cold water in an attempt to still be awake when G gets home from work. As much as I’m sure he’d love to come home to me snoring on the sofa after 9 days apart.

I’ll be back typing when I’m not struggling to stay awake at half 4 in the afternoon. See ya x