Singapore, I'm coming for ya

11 Feb 2018

Travelling to Singapore

It’s a bright Sunday morning and I’m plonked on the sofa with a blank page, when I should be doing something else.

What else is new eh?

In approx. six hours time, I shall be in the car for a pootle down the M25 to experience the delight that is Heathrow’s Terminal 5. Which is just kickstarting the joy that shall be a casual 13-hour flight.


A three-hour flight has been known to make me anxious so this should be an interesting experience (excited for raiding Pret for plane snacks though, ngl).

This will be the longest I have ever spent on a plane, and the furthest I have ever travelled. This both thrills me and makes me slightly anxious; for no real rational reason other than I’m prone to being an anxious Annie, particularly where planes and airports are concerned.

But at the other end after, no doubt, a touch of travel sickness and ear popping, a whole new country awaits. A whole new place, a whoooooole new woooooorld…

Stop Kate.

Basically, I’m anxious about the flight but am attempting to take it in my stride because if I push those anxious thoughts aside, I am full of excitement for going somewhere fun and new and once-in-a-lifetime.

When I’ve told people that I’m off to Singapore with a friend, a few of them have said to me ‘but what about G?’ He similarly has had people say to him ‘but what are you going to do?’

My honest answer to these questions: we are not attached at the hip.

Shocker, I know.

We continue to function whilst the other is not around, funnily enough. I think, when you’re happy, it’s very easy to get comfortable. Yes, I will miss G and our little flat but if I allowed that to stop me from doing anything by myself, I’d never do anything. And it wouldn’t be healthy.

It’s good to shake things up once in a while, to do something a little different; a little out of your comfort zone (like hop on a long-haul flight when you hate flying).

As life happens, as I plan a wedding, save for a house and yes, even start considering having children, I know my priorities will change. And I’m okay, excited, for that to happen. But, in the meantime, I’m taking the opportunity to spontaneously decide to travel half way round the world with just a few weeks’ notice whilst it’s easy to do so.

So yes, I will miss G (but have no doubt he’ll manage to stay alive whilst I’m away) and yes, I am anxious about that thirteen hours on a plane. But I’m still gonna pack my suitcase and get my arse to the airport.

Because life is short, and Singapore looks incredible.