Back to it

4 Sept 2017

Back to reality after a holiday

I had this idea that today would have a fist-pumping, go-get-em, taking-over-the-world kinda vibe. It stemmed from that feeling of a fresh start I always associate with September. We just got back from a holiday, G headed off to his new job this morning and I was all ready to crack on like all the kids in their new school uniforms and fresh stationary heading back to school.

Uh huh. That happened.

It was more scrabbling around to find the to-do list I scrawled out before going on leave whilst wearing my joggers, if I’m honest. I don’t feel I’ve even slightly got on top of my work emails and the flat seems to have developed an arctic chill whilst we were away, which has no correlation to the temperature outside. There have been some builders talking and drilling right below the back-room window for the majority of the day. And my suitcase is sat in the middle of the kitchen floor very much unpacked. I also can’t remember if I’ve brushed my teeth today so that’s nice.

So, yeah, I didn’t really nail today after all. Ah well.

We had a crackin’ week off though. We split the week between holidaying at home and a trip up north, travelling between York, Newcastle and the Northumberland coast. It honestly felt like it lasted ages for once and I have come back very much in love with my own country. So much so that I’m currently throwing around ideas of some kind of UK road trip adventure for 2018.

In the meantime, holy heck, it’s September! My favourite time of year is here and my beady eyes are watching those leaves on the trees for signs of colour change. Everything is about to crank up a notch at work, I have a lot of plans for the next couple of months and my brain is buzzing with novel ideas. Before you know it, it’ll be 1st December and I’ll be singing Fairytale of New York at the top of my voice like the irritating Christmas-lover I am.

Come on Autumn, let’s do this.