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1 Jan 2017

New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc

New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc

New Year’s Day and no hangover. I’ve had porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and spent the morning sorting out under the bed and all the wonky photo frames on the wall of the spare room.


(Until we get within half an hour of Sherlock later when I shall be running around more excited than a kid on Christmas morning.)

G and I went civilised for new year’s eve this year (last year?), by which I mean we are one step away from just spending new year at home in our pjs but were clinging on to the idea that we are, you know, cool.

After a whole week of being the classic Christmas slob, I thought I’d make a bit of an effort and had a snazzy bath with candles and bathbomb before lazily glamming up with Friends playing in the background, and a glass of a bubbly summin’ summin’. Twas marvellous.

New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc
New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc

We chose to have a meal at Brasserie Blanc because it looked just that little bit fancier but wouldn’t completely break the bank. And it was lovely. The staff were a bit rushed off their feet but it was new year so we’ll forgive them; and the busyness created a good atmosphere.

Special occasion and all that so we opted for a bottle of prosecco which was grand stuff, and went well with our fluffy bread (does prosecco ‘go well’ with bread? Is that a thing?).

My starter was a beetroot and goat’s curd salad affair. Now, please answer me this, DID ANYONE ELSE KNOW YOU CAN GET DIFFERENT COLOURED BEETROOT?!

Smoked gold beetroot anyone? Candy coloured beetroot?


So that was exciting (and colourful). Also came with beetroot crisps which were spot on with the goat’s curd.

New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc

Next up, we both went for the steak. This was kind of a last hurrah for me as I’ve given up meat for January (as a trial, but potentially for longer) and it was a good steak to have as my final (meat) meal. It was medium rare, accompanied with a béarnaise sauce and garlicky tomato, and very much melted in your mouth.

I was actually so full by the end of this (okay maybe a baked camembert for lunch wasn’t the best idea... but, ya know, Christmas) but we all have a separate pudding tummy right? RIGHT?

In an attempt to keep it light, we both went for the Citroën Tarte which was incredible; so zesty and creamy, and I very nearly finished it.

New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc
New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc
New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc

Don’t judge kay but, despite being so full, we still went for the cheese board. We thought we’d finish off the whole xmas shenanigans properly before returning to normal food today (much to the relief of our stomachs). It wasn’t the best cheese board I’ve had if I’m honest; there was a camembert that was too strong for even me and then a couple of cheeses that were a tad bland. We were trying to figure out what cheese boards are meant to do after a big meal; are the cheeses plainer to cleanse your palate? Answers welcome.

With 45 minutes left of the year, we took a scenic walk to the oldest pub in the country and saw in the new year with a mailbu and coke (beer for G) before walking home to the sound of those cathedral bells ringing out for new year’s day.

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