January reads: Room by Emma Donoghue

30 Jan 2017

Room by Emma Donoghue

I’m currently uploading a video to YouTube and my internet is like lol, sure pal, keep dreamin’. It’s been TWO HOURS and I’m still nowhere near being finished, and it’s using up all the bandwidth so G is giving me evils as he switches his phone from wifi to data. It’s also weirdly dark outside and there’s fog pressing against the windows so I’m guessing this means that dementors are roaming the streets which, given the current state of the world and you-know-who, wouldn’t be surprising.

 In the meantime, I thought we’d talk about books. I’m a big believer in spreading the love for books and reading, and throwing recommendations out there. And it’s something I want to get into the habit of doing more regularly on the blog – it’s kinda been infrequent up until now.  So this is, hopefully, the start of a monthly blog post which will give you book(s) recommendations.

Given how big an effect this book had and the moving film that was made, you’ve probably already heard of Room.

But if you haven’t, imagine the latest series of The Missing from the point of view of the little girl born in captivity.

Jack is five and lives in Room with his Ma. Room has one locked door, a skylight and measures eleven feet by eleven feet. It’s the only world he has ever known, until the day his Ma confesses that there is a world outside.

Inspired by shocking cases such as that of Josef Fritzel, this is a book that doesn’t hold back on detail yet is unique in the way that everything, both horrific and lovely, is explored through the innocence of Jack’s eyes. It makes it an unsettling read and I thought this might mean that I would read it slowly but I literally couldn’t; it was like reading a gripping thriller. Even when the chapters were slow paced, the depth of the imagination and Jack’s development was so compelling; this is a book to read in one sitting.

I would also recommend watching the film. There are details missed out but it captures the story and feeling of the book, and is well-worthy of all the awards it received.

Buy here. Film trailer here.

Happy reading <3