I definitely haven't got this

20 Jan 2017

I definitely haven't got this

I’ve been having a ‘quarter-life crisis’ kinda morning. All the worries, ya know? I also spilt water INTO my slipper whilst doing the washing up and had period pains so bad that I felt sick; I had to sip water and take deep breaths for a while.

So that’s nice.

It’s Friday afternoon so I’ve plonked myself in Costa, eaten a tuna melt panini, read a chapter of my book and opened my laptop. I’m hoping all of this is gonna help me feel a bit better about life.

Ironically, I just realised that my last post ended with the words ‘You have SO GOT THIS’.


You have got this by the way; I have every confidence in you. But you may also be having a day like I’m having. Where you feel like you definitely, 100%, haven’t got this.

When you’ve spent half the morning googling alternative career options and your period pains are making you feel like you’re gonna vom and there’s washing up water running into your slippers and FFS he-who-should-not-be-named is being sworn in as President as we speak. 

And you know what? Sometimes it’s just really nice to admit it. Hence this blog post.

When you have days where pretending that you feel confident about your life choices is too much. When you have days where you compare yourself to every goddamn person on social media. Where you have days when all you’ve eaten is pasta and cake, you haven’t washed your hair in four days and you just cried watching bloody Coronation Street.

Yeah, those days. Those days are the days when, actually, instead of pretending you are nailing this shit, you should just hold up your hands and say do you know what guys? I definitely am NOT nailing this shit. I definitely am NOT being a #girlboss, #sassqueen etc. 

I’m actually feeling confused and alarmed at the void that is the future because I haven’t got a bloody clue what I’m supposed to be doing. And I can’t be doing with that thought today. And I’m worried this is going to drive me to buying a second caramel shortbread in Costa.

So that’s my day. Life is fine, there’s nothing serious wrong, but I don’t feel like I’m nailing it today and I think we should all be willing to admit it when these days happen. 

Is that okay?

Good. Shall I get you a caramel shortbread as well?