The weekend that reminded me what's important

8 Dec 2016

The weekend that reminded me what's important - Bath/Bristol

What’s up huns? I had my first ever filling this morning and I’m finally regaining feeling in my face (first ever experience with anaesthetic also). I’ve spent most of my morning not being able to concentrate cos I can’t feel my bottom lip or chin and why does my tongue feel four times as large?! 

Not sure I’m really down with the numb face feeling.

Back to last week anyhoo. Which was not good. Nah uh. Hello, it was still November last week and I am not about that month (what’s the point of it exactly?).

Aside from my dislike of the non-month that is November, I also had some kind of existential crisis around my – I was gonna say ‘career’ there but lol, who do I think I am – working life.

You know the type. Where you confused and lost and why am I not a sassy business woman who got her shit together?

(Happens to us all right?)

By the time I hit my Friday writing afternoon, I had descended into all-out existential crisis chaos. I spent about two hours in Costa, staring into my peppermint tea, and wrote about five words before going home and painting my toenails cos that was all my brain was capable of.

Lol, why am I so pathetic?

It was a bit all-consuming and made me feel like moaning Myrtle and I just wanted someone to come along and fix me.

And they did.

G came home to find me in my sorry state (read, grumpy girlfriend painting toenails in grumpy fashion) and he hit up Tesco and came back with wine and pizza and garlic bread and breadsticks and cheese twists and DIPS.

We played Christmas music and put up the Christmas tree and watched the final two episodes of The Fall (FYI; best TV show I’ve seen in a long time).

Oh and then I dropped the pot of salsa on the floor and it literally exploded and went everywhere in every direction in an incident that shall be known as tomato-gate forever more.

G laughed cos he thought I’d just splashed a bit on him and I had to explain that, from his sofa location, he couldn’t see that it was ALL OVER THE FLOOR AND UP THE WALL AND SOMEHOW ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM.

Yup, that happened.

On Saturday, I went to Bristol to catch up with my uni brother and sister. We watched The Grinch. We drank wine. Halyz and I shared vagina stories. We went back to Bath and wandered around the Christmas market and I remembered how flippin’ amazing our three years in that city were. We listened to carol singers. We discussed our lives and plans for the future. Haylz said something about how we freaked out when we left uni and then felt settled for a bit because we had jobs; and now we’re freaking out again because this is the time where we feel we have to make the bigger decision about what to do with our lives.

And I was like YES THAT WAS MY WEEK and remembered that I’m so not alone in the feeling.

Oh and I ate a doughnut and got jam down my arms, in my scarf and in my hair so there’s that.

Then I got ill and had to take two days off work. But you know what, cold and wheezing chest aside, I needed it. Needed to just do nothing for a couple of days; not even write. To just lie in a heap and watch The Holiday (I am reaaaally doing the Christmas films this year).

I needed all of it. To just chill with some of my favourite people and do little festive things and take a trip down memory lane and remember that life is not about work or success. Not even a little bit. It’s about the little moments and doing what you love, and your people. Mostly it’s about being happy.

Something to remember next time there’s a freak out about work or success.

The weekend that reminded me what's important - Bath/Bristol
The weekend that reminded me what's important - Bath/Bristol
The weekend that reminded me what's important - Bath/Bristol
The weekend that reminded me what's important - Bath/Bristol
The weekend that reminded me what's important - Bath/Bristol