Little Gems: 23

17 Dec 2016

Little Gems

Happy Saturday! 

It's just over a week to go and I have dark red Christmassy nails, curly hair and am wearing my fave Slytherin-green oversized jumper. Come at me Christmas. 

I’m also on a train to York and wondering why virgin trains are rockier than a flippin’ boat at sea. Why is it not smooth sailing Richard Branson huh huh?

Some joy from the past few weeks:

1. Christmas

Sweet mother of all fairy lights, do I love this time of year. The temperature could do with dropping a degree or two (don’t ya just love global warming…?) but otherwise there’s Christmas trees and Love Actually and prosecco and SO MUCH SPARKLE.

2. December plans

Bath Christmas market = tick. Mine and G’s first Christmas tree = tick. Work xmas party = tick. Pick out this year’s tree decoration = tick. See the Covent Garden decorations = tick. Go back home to put my childhood Christmas tree up (because I refuse to waiver from tradition even though I no longer live at home) = tick. Currently heading up north for a big family Christmas meal, and there’s still so many things to tick off in the final run-up to the big day. It’s hectic and every time I look at my bank account I’m like LOL but all part of the fun.

3. Pret

Not gonna lie, I've always been a bit meh about Pret. Sure they do a good almond croissant and I'll occasionally enjoy one of their Brie and basil baguettes but nothing ever really grabs my fancy and the place always feels a bit manic and uncosy. Basically it ain't Costa. BUT. I recently discovered their warm halloumi and falafel wrap and was like 'woah what is this dreaminess?!' And then, sweet jesus, they brought out their new praline and Nutella cookie and OH EM GEE, that guy is one sexy bugger. So, yeah, Pret has jumped up in my estimation and you should go try that cookie asap. Warning: impossible to eat without making a mess.

Little Gems
Little Gems

4. The Fall

I’d heard good things about this drama and G and I were lacking things to watch so I took a chance and bought the first two seasons on dvd. And HOLY MOLY did I get addicted. We polished off all three seasons in a surprisingly short space of time and now there’s a Jamie Dornan serial killer shaped hole in my life.

5. Toni and Guy

Bit weird I know but I’ve been trying to find a hairdresser in St Albans that gets my hair (cos it’s so thick, you need someone willing to take on the battle) and I had such a good experience at Toni and Guy. It’s a bit more expensive then I’d usually like to pay for a cut and blow dry but it really was worth it. Think head massages, fancy conditioner and a hairdresser who understood that there is no need to make small talk. Aw yeah.

6. The Missing

The entire nation spent eight weeks being like IS ALICE WEBSTER ALIVE OR NOT and boy did it make a good distraction to get us through November. 

7. St Albans at Christmas

I can’t move for trees and sparkly lights and hundreds of people descending on the Christmas market; this place knows how to do Christmas.

8. 'Animal: the autobiography of a female body' by Sara Pascoe

WHAT A BOOK. Go read, go read!

9. Rimmel super gel nail polish

Nail polish has got on my nerves my entire life. It looks great for like a day and then bam, it’s chipped and I hate the inconsistency and messiness and want it off and then I pick it off and my nails look awful and WHAT WAS EVEN THE POINT OF THIS. But for the first time in my near-25 years, I have discovered a nail varnish that stays on for a solid amount of time and looks dreamy.

10. Festive celebrations

I cannot wait to be out of the office for a whole TWO weeks and do all the traditions and see my favourite people and have a week at home just me and G.<3

Little Gems

Enjoy your weekend!