8 months living in St Albans

21 Dec 2016

Living in St Albans

Yeah, okay, eight months is a random time point to do this post. I probably had every intention of writing this around the six month mark but TIME GOES SO FAST AND SUDDENLY I’VE LOST TWO MONTHS = my life.  

So we’re going with eight(ish) months. 

I just read back on the post I wrote about a month after we first moved in and you can really sense how jittery I was. Such a big move and lots of job searches was clearly making me bounce all over the place cos, lol, can’t handle big life changes. But you can also sense my excitement at getting ready to dive into St Albans and explore.

I’ve always loved St Albans. I grew up in Bedfordshire and St Albans was somewhere I’d occasionally wander to, always with the musing of how such a place could only be 20 minutes away on the train and yet be so much more interesting. Sure, the suburbs are pretty standard but the centre is basically exactly what I want from a place to live. Aside from the fact that there isn’t a John Lewis cos everywhere should have a John Lewis. Hashtag middle class problems.  

If you really had to push me, I might also request that they add a HMV cos where do I buy dvds but otherwise this little city has absolutely become my happy place.

Because ye old pubs and independent cinema and cobbled streets and markets and SO MANY PLACES TO EAT <3
And it breaks my heart a little bit that I won’t be able to stay here forever. FFS HOUSE PRICES. 

But, hey, we’re here now. Living in my dream place. At least I can say I did it right? 

We’ve had a few problems with some plaster falling off the ceiling and my allergies going haywire (you guys wanna calm down or nah?) and one little radiator not being able to heat up an open plan living room/kitchen but otherwise the flat has been pretty smooth sailing. Our things have places, there’s pictures on the wall and fairy lights and candles in most rooms cos essentials right? And in the corner (cos it is literally the only place it will fit), there is currently our first ever Christmas tree (as a couple that is; we weren't deprived children) twinkling away and filling me with all sorts of happiness. 

And I will never get over how good the location is. We are so central it’s ridiculous. Okay, sure, being right next to the cathedral does mean listening to bells all the time but I can be both in the park and in New Look within three minutes because it really is all on my doorstep. The Christmas market is NEXT DOOR for crying out loud. And when I say next door, I mean I can sing along to the Christmas tunes and smell the chestnuts from my bedroom. LIFE GOALS. 

Oh and I love the trees. We’re surrounded by them and it’s gorgeous.  We get the full force of the blossom and the summer greens and the autumn golds, and in winter we can just nose through the fairy-light covered branches at the people walking on by.  

Soz, I’ll stop talking about trees now. 

I gush about this place a lot and it’s not cos I want to show off or be annoying af, it’s because this little city and our little flat and our little life are all even better than I imagined. Even I was surprised by how quickly this place has become home.

I know there will come a day when we will want to buy a house and the chances of that happening here are slim to none because it’s just 20 minutes outside of London and unfortunately other people have also noticed how great it is here; meaning the house prices will make you sob into your peppermint tea. But, for now, I’m so glad this is where G and I decided to set up our first home together. It couldn’t be more of a dreamy place for your gal here.  

Living in St Albans
Living in St Albans