Recent Happy Things

9 Jul 2021

Recent happy things

Currently sat on the sofa with the football on the tv (I’m sure you’ll be shooketh to know that this was not my choice of viewing). Like everyone, our lives have taken a knock over the last 18 months and whilst I started this year determined to keep writing blog posts because I think it important to document memories even in the rough times, the reality of the first trimester of pregnancy immediately following a long winter lockdown meant everything just felt a bit too much

SO, I’m taking it back to the blog origins: a good old list of recent joys (a flashback to those old school little gems posts). Because getting back to basics and celebrating the small, happy things is the best way to kick things back into action. 

Seeing people. I don’t think I’m over the novelty yet; it is so nice to have been able to catch up with loved ones… although does anyone else feel bloody knackered afterwards? My body clearly hasn’t caught up with the fact that socialising is back in. 

Wedding anniversary. Take two and this year, we could actually go out so we’re on the up. The weather was glorious so we went out for pizza and mocktails and sat out on a restaurant terrace in the shadow of the cathedral, before grabbing an ice cream and going for a walk along the river. It was lovely. 

12 week scan. Our offspring was not playing ball and, despite some veerrry dignified hip thrusting and star jumping, would not get in the right position to do their screening tests but it was still amazing seeing them on the screen. Those ickle feet, omg. 

Columbia road flower market. I spent a weekend in London, staying at a friends, and along with some excellent food, baby clothes browsing and luxury manicures, we went to Columbia Road flower market which has been on my bucket list for yonks. The weather was dreamy, there were peonies everywhere (our faves) and it was just so much fun. 

The cinema. I went to the cinema with my dad and sister for the first time since February 2020 and I have so missed it. Absolutely loved returning to a big bag of popcorn, settling down in a comfy chair and the lights going out. We saw A Quiet Place 2 and I can recommend (although we spent half the time jumping!). 

Grey’s Anatomy. Literally a couple of days before I found out I was pregnant, when I was feeling really tired, I decided to give Grey’s Anatomy a whirl having never watching it before (I know) and I think it might become my pregnancy/newborn watch. I stick it on when I don’t have much energy and anticipate it might be a good one for those sleepy not-getting-out-of bed newborn days. And I have 17 series to keep me going… 

Sushi date. A new sushi place has opened in town and Gary and I took ourselves for a quick lunchtime date recently; definite perk of working from home. I love veggie sushi so am excited that we have a new local place. 

Baby heartbeat. I got to hear this at my 16 week appointment and my lovely midwife passed me my phone and asked if I wanted to record it which was just the nicest thing. Love that I have it to listen to. 

My gal Beth who has basically been my personal pregnancy cheerleader. She messages me every new pregnancy week, counting with me and has always answered all my weird and wonderful questions (mostly ‘wtf is this…’). Bloody love her. 

Holiday plans. I keep wondering why I feel so worn out and whilst, I know I know, pregnancy is tiring; I’m also fairly convinced that the lack of time off this year has finally caught up with me. Luckily, we have two weeks off at the end of this month and - brace yourself - actually have a (UK) holiday booked. The sceptical part of me still can’t quite believe we may really be able to go away but the closer we get, the more I allow myself to start hoping! 

Hope you're well dear reader. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, your little gems that you have recently :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes