Wedding Chat (#5) | Brb Off To Get Hitched

30 May 2019

Off To Get Hitched
Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash
Well whaddya know; the moment has arrived.

The past few weeks have including a lot of final payments, final meetings, final random tasks (like testing speakers and buying a just-in-case photo-appropriate umbrella). We’ve booked our taxi to Heathrow, have got our dollars ready and the suitcases are down from the loft. Predictably, G has already half filled his whereas my packing will probably be somewhat chaotic and last minute. Why break a habit of a lifetime?

Oh and Saturday’s weather is predicted to be the hottest for the next couple of weeks so if you see a melting blob in a wedding dress around St Albans – hi it me.

I have got used to living with the permanent sensation of butterflies-in-the-stomach over the past couple of weeks as well as the monumental, can’t-really-process feeling of we-are-actually-getting-married.

Given it’s such a big moment, I find myself without very much to say. It’s all tumbling emotion that even I am struggling to put into words. This process has been a right emotional rollercoaster at times. Weddings are funny things, unique things, and I am someone who needs time to reflect at a later date. So no doubt all these thoughts and emotions will be detangled and shaped into words further down the line.

For now, all that’s really left to say is I am beyond excited for the moment our friends and family start to arrive in St Albans tomorrow and every single moment that will follow over the weekend and the three weeks after.

Over and out.