Hello From The Other Side

23 Jun 2019

Hello From The Other Side

Apologies in advance for now having Adele in your head, my bad (although I’m not that sorry cos tbf, it’s a banging tune).

Hello there! Lordy, there’s a lot to discuss. We got married! We spent three weeks in America! We’re moving house! But this is just a hello for now, just as I dip my toe back into real life. Because that is all I am really capable of right now. We lost a night’s sleep on the way home thanks to an incredibly uncomfortable flight and jet lag has hit me like a tonne of bricks. I am doing a very good impression of someone who simultaneously has had several bottles of wine and has a severe hangover so it’s a miracle that I’ve managed to unpack my suitcase let alone anything else. There are four loads of washing to go on, I am back in the office tomorrow and G’s talking about going to the gym this week. Pray for Kate.

So hi, hello, how are ya? There are going to be posts on weddings and California and our imminent move in the foreseeable but for now, I’m off to The Pudding Stop whilst G gives me a judging look like how can you possibly eat more pudding after the last three weeks? It’s like he’s forgotten who he married...