Bye Summer, Hello September

7 Sept 2018

Bye Summer, Hello September

Bake Off is back. I’ve started to dig out the blankets in an evening. I’m wearing jeans. I keep thinking of stews.

Autumn is nearly here lads.

Summer has been ridiculously hot and ridiculously jam packed, and so many memories have been made. We did our incredible highland road trip, I found my wedding dress, went to the Edinburgh fringe festival for the first time, had weekends in IrelandDevon and the peak district and tried to embrace the heatwave by spending plenty of time outside with loved ones drinking fruit cider.

Honestly though? I’m knackered. I had a ball and I wouldn’t change it; but I’m slowly learning to accept that, unless I have consciously chosen to go abroad and embrace it, high heats make me irritable, mess with my concentration and completely fuck with how I feel about myself. It’s a hard one to explain without sounding like some summer version of the Grinch. I really enjoy the summer – I could give you a very long list of all my favourite things about it (those magical summer evenings being one) – but my heart does truly swell when September arrives.

Ah September; what a babe. She invigorates me in a way no other month can (I will always maintain that January is the worst month to attempt to revamp your life; it’s like a month-long hangover for crying out loud). It’s that classic new-year-at-school/uni feeling that, despite leaving education a good five years ago, still comes flooding back to me every time 1st September shows her face. It’s like I’m waking up; shaking off the lethargy and hangovers. It makes me want to organise the shit out of my life, tackle projects and just generally be sassy and ON IT. Basically it motivates me to be the best version of myself. It makes me feel the best version of myself. And that’s a grand feeling.

It also helps that I freakin’ love Autumn and September signals the start of the cooler months. You guys, bonfire night! Knitwear!   C H R I S T M A S. Golden leaves and candles and all the hygge; oh my!

Since September arrived last week, I’ve cleared out my wardrobe, emptied my work inbox, got back to putting my photo albums together, finally got my hair cut and started to change the aspects of my routine that have been bugging me for a while. And I’ve been swanning around in jeans, sandals and a light jacket; absolutely living for the blue skies and 19c temperatures.

I feel so organised, and so me.

And now, I’m off to Croatia. Because I didn’t really think all of the above through when I was booking my summer holiday back in January. Still, excited for one last summer experience and for all the autumnal vibes waiting for me when I get home.


  1. I always feel as though September is more of a fresh start than January, I assume thats because of the 'back to school' mentality. I usually absolutely love summer but this year it was far too hot I won't lie and I'm welcoming autumn with open arms!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Me too! Absolutely loving the cooler temps!