Those Summer Nights

27 Jul 2018

Those summer nights

So I think I’ve finally found the optimum keep-cool position in the flat. On the bed, fan mere inches from my face. I actually just managed to knock out 1000 words in this position which hasn’t happened since god-knows-when because GIRL CANNAY DEAL WITH THE HEAT AND HAS NO ENERGY.

Two things:

Once again, I’m just gonna point out that disliking the heat does not mean one dislikes the summer. It means one prefers to be able to do the washing up without generating upper lip sweat.

ALSO why do summer-lovers get so angsty when one mentions they don’t like this level of heat in the UK? Like my favourite season is Autumn but you don’t see me getting offended when you moan about being cold all the damn time.

I got up at 3am this morning to go stick my face in the fridge – no joke. If you never hear from me again, I’ve boiled alive in the flat. Lead good lives my friends.

My inability to deal with heat aside; oh my what a summer. Like the rest of us, I cannot believe how long this heatwave has lasted. I mean sure, the lack of appetite, lack of energy and major presence of sweat aren’t really my faves. But there is just summin’ about the feeling a long, hot summer creates; it’s like a crackle of magic in the air.

It’s these summer evenings that I like the most. I love that smell of summer evenings – you know the one. Like a hazy glow – if that smelled of something. And what is that feeling that lingers in the air? Possibility? Light-heartedness? Gin-induced fun? The girls and I were wandering around Angel in London last weekend and I had so much love for all the seats outside the brightly coloured restaurants; such a nice contrast to the perpetual grey that’s easy to get used to in London. 

Lazy smiles on sun-kissed faces, the fizziness of berry cider on lips, the colour of the sky at golden hour; it’s beautiful.

Having said that, it just got extremely dark in here and I swear I just heard a crack of thunder. Looks like the storm has finally arrived… which means temperatures are surely about to drop a few degrees. Yaaaaassss.