New Job, New Blog

30 Aug 2017

An introduction into my new blog design

I imagine it stems from the back-to-school vibe but I always associate the beginning of September with a fresh start. So it seems appropriate that G and I are having the last week of August off before he starts a new job and I start a new role at work. It’s been an uncertain couple of months but we’re looking forward to new things. I mean sure, I’m slightly alarmed that I suddenly have a lot more responsibility for things at work. I forget to brush my hair sometimes but that doesn’t mean I can’t project manage stuff right? Also it feels slightly weird that G won’t be working in London anymore (he no longer has to get on a Thameslink train and I’m not jealous AT ALL…) but I imagine our routine will adjust in no time.

With this new-start vibe in mind, it also made sense for this week to be the one to give the blog a bit of a jazz up. So yes, welcome to the new blog design! I’ve given my little corner of the internet a little spring clean, an ironing out of the niggles if you like.

I wanted it to be more streamlined but with a touch more of ‘me’, of some fun and creativity, and I really like the end result. Every time I open the blog at the mo, I get that satisfied feeling like when you’ve just cleared out the bathroom cupboards.

The template is more minimal and I’ve also re-touched my ‘about’ page. My favourite thing though, is my new blog header. It was designed by Alohalola Cards and if you’re looking for a personal logo/greeting card/caricature or other digital designs, I would really recommend working with Claire. She makes a lot of effort to establish what you want and works really closely with you until you’re happy. I was impressed at the level of detail she went into for such a reasonable price!

The header includes a lot of my favourite things/hobbies and brings that aspect of fun/creativity to go with the minimalist vibe. Plus it’s cute and makes me smile. Look at my cats!

So, yeah, hope ya like. I’m off for a pedicure on a Wednesday afternoon and yup, I am just a teensy bit smug about it. I would very much recommend this holidaying at home malarkey.

An introduction into my new blog design

An introduction into my new blog design