15 things that happen when you live with a boy

2 Oct 2016

15 things that happen when you live with a boy

It’s six months this weekend since G and I started living together. Six months since I waved goodbye to the bedroom I’d had since I was 15. Six months since we hauled everything we own up a rickety spiral staircase (no mean feat when you own an enormous corner sofa*). 

And it is really rather dreamy. Soz for the little-sick-in-mouth gushiness but I do truly love our little life and flat here in St Albans.

Anyway, here are some observations I’ve had in the last six months.

1) You will spend the majority of the time in his company wearing your slippers with unbrushed hair and no make up. Remember the days at the beginning when you'd attempt to dress nice just for hanging round the house? Pffft as if you can do that shit every day. It’s been a long, hard day at work and you NEED to take your bra off and get in your pjs pronto. 

2) You now have conversations about recycling, the loud neighbours, the washing up, bills, how to remove that weird smell in the fridge... You hope no one finds out how boring you've become. 

3) Gone are the days where you can indulge in a family sized bar of chocolate, four cookies and a bag of haribo. Because there's someone there to witness your shame now. Plus you have to share. FFS. 

4) You can't have Friends continuously playing in the background for days on end. Apparently some people don't like that. 

5) Both of you will have to work hard to not let snoring and/or quilt stealing totally ruin your relationship.

6) Sport. You will watch sport. You may even have a moment where you get drawn into said sport. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING. 

7) You'll probs put on weight. Such an old cliché but when you’re living with someone who seems to enjoy a pudding as much as you do, pudding happens. I’d love to say I’m sorry but, well, I ain’t. 

8) You feel a little lost and cold and lonely in bed when he goes away for the night.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN?! 

9) You can also kiss goodbye to starfishing in bed. Those days are gone. The sooner you come to terms with it, the better. 

10) He won't muster up quite as much enthusiasm about cat videos as your sister does. 

11) Until corrected, he will think that putting on the hot water for 15 mins is enough for you to have a shower. Nah babes. Nah. 

12) Say goodbye to the mystery that comes at the beginning of relationships. You now wash each other’s pants; there ain't no going back from that. 

13) You won't cuddle and have little pillow chats every night like you used to cos you now spend every single night together and it's hot and shush, I gotta watch Scandal

14) You will become surprisingly blasé about the fact that you haven't showered or shaved your legs in several days. Hey, if he wanted a pamper queen, he should have looked elsewhere. 

15) You will randomly hug him on a near-daily basis, usually when he’s trying to concentrate on something else, because for some unbeknown reason, he wants to live with you and that gives you all the happy feels. 

Love ya babes <3

*Upon reading this blog post, G would like it to be known that I wasn't actually part of the group of people who carried the sofa up the staircase... I watched whilst eating cake. Hashtag no regrets.