Simple, sexy lunch ideas

13 Oct 2016

Simple lunch ideas

What with working at home two days a week and currently spending all my weekends studying, studying, studying; it feels like I’ve been sat at the desk in our flat a lot during the day recently. Which means my lunch breaks are important. Well, actually, I always take my lunch seriously, no matter what I’m doing. But particularly when that hour in the middle of the day is the only time for my brain to shut down. In these important times, a standard sandwich ain’t gonna cut it. And neither is something that’s gonna take ages to cook. Nah uh.

It’s a fine balance to have but I think I’ve just about nailed it. The following lunches are my current faves and they’re simple, sexy and mighty tasty. And take minimal time to put together. Also, nearly all of them can be easily transported if you are one of those poor souls who has to go to the office five days a week (it’s a cruel, cruel world). Annnnd, I’m gonna go all out and say they’re reeeelatively healthy(ish). Boom.

Pizza pasta salad

Boil some whole wheat pasta and mix in some sun-dried tomato pesto when cooked. Chop up a handful of cherry tomatoes, chorizo and black olives and throw on top of the pasta with some fresh basil leaves. Add some mozzarella if ya like.

Simple lunch ideas

Avocado, goat’s cheese and sweet chill bagel

Cut a bagel in half and lightly toast it. Spread some sweet chilli sauce on top. Mash up an avocado and spread on top of the bagel. Sprinkle soft goat’s cheese on top. So flippin’ dreamy.

Simple lunch ideas

Filled pasta with kale and tomatoes 

You know those fresh pasta parcels that cook in about 3 mins? You always need a pack hanging around in your fridge. Throw a handful of kale (getting some greens in without you even noticing) in some boiling water for like a minute and then throw in about a third of a pack of your choice of filled pasta (my current faves are goat’s cheese & pesto or spinach & ricotta). Once cooked (so quick!), drain the pasta and kale and serve up with a few chopped cherry tomatoes on top. And maybe some cheese; grated cheddar always makes a meal.

Simple lunch ideas

Sweet chilli halloumi couscous 

Make up your couscous and lightly fry a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes and red pepper. Mix the tomatoes/peppers with the couscous and serve with a few slices of grilled halloumi on top. Drizzle with a shiz load of sweet chilli sauce cos sweet chilli sauce is the one.

Simple lunch ideas

Goat’s cheese, chorizo and lentil salad 

Lightly fry a handful of chopped chorizo in a pan on the hob until just crisp. Set aside and then use the same pan (doesn’t matter if the juice of the chorizo is still there) to heat up some green lentils on the hob for a couple of mins (or until they’re warmed through). Mix in a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard (or more/less depending on how many you’re cooking for). Use the lentils as the base of your salad. On top, throw on some green leaves, cucumber, beetroot and whatever else you fancy. Then add the chorizo and some soft goat’s cheese and off you pop kids.

Simple lunch ideas