Little Gems: 14

14 Oct 2015

1) Yes I was absolutely transfixed by the super colourful water feature above, hidden behind St Pancras station.

2) Soooo loving the autumn leaves! They make me a bit child like; I want to step on every single one just to hear that satisfying crunch.

3) If you have the time and dolla, I'd really recommend Three Days in the Country at the National Theatre. All the actors were brilliant; John Simm and Mark Gatiss in particular.

4) Hopped over to the 02 on Saturday night to see Mr Michael McIntyre. What a funny chap he is.

6) Jennifer Lawrence's essay introduced me to Lenny Letter which is a great read - go sign up!

8) Catching up with old friends creates that warm, fuzzy feeling.

9) Discovered a few new food places this week; watch this space!

10) Go see The Martian. A bit of Matt Damon always improves a day.