London Eats | Vinoteca

21 Oct 2015

The clue is in the title guys. WINE. Need I say more?

You're catching up with a friend; you want wine and good food, but most of all, somewhere convenient for you both. Even the nicest of evenings can be spoiled if you have to add an extra half an hour onto your already-long commute.

Hey-presto! Located slap bang in the middle of King's Cross and St Pancras! Done.

Like I said, wine. If you're a fan of the grape, you'll enjoy this menu as each food item comes with an individual wine recommendation. Whilst I could only have one glass, I can assure you, it's good stuff.

The menu can be momentarily confusing when you first delve in; it's all a bit snazzy and the prices slightly off-putting (average main is £18 which is outside of my usual price range). BUT, ask the waitress what a bavette is (that's a steak to you) and accept you're paying for some good quality food, and you'll have a great time!

Mmmm wine.

Day boat rye harbour cod, provenรงal vegetables, pine nuts and basil mayo.

Grilled marinated bavette, steak butter, watercress, horseradish and chips.

Perfectly chilled chocolate truffles.

And a moment of silence, please, for the salted dark chocolate & lime mousse which was demolished before having the chance to be photographed.

If you have some time before or after the meal, go have a play in the fountains in Granary Square, just a short walk away. They're very pretty when lit up at night.