Crikey, What A Strange Week

15 Mar 2020

I think it’s fair to say lads, this week has been weird. Anyone else really want to take a long hard look at 2020 and say what the fuck is this pal?! 

Thanks to that pesky virus currently jetting around the globe faster than Donald Trump can say ‘hoax’, everything seems to be slowly collapsing before our eyes. This week, work went mental, Gary and I cancelled our trip to Berlin, hen-do plans had to be rearranged last minute and some selfish fuckers bought all the pasta in our local Tesco (and stole hand sanitizer from our local doctor’s surgery – who does this?!). And one of our cats – our beautiful tubby purrbag – is no longer with us. Admittedly I can’t blame the last one on Covid-19 but seriously what the hell is this shit

It is all any of us can talk about – and quite frankly, what else is there to talk about right now? Got any plans? Holidays? How’s work? The economy? Oh yes, all screwed over by the virus.

I am trying to remain calm but there is no denying these are very, very strange times. As one of those people with underlying respiratory conditions they keep talking about, I would prefer to avoid the virus like, well, the plague… but the sources of stress right now is mostly coming from the impact on every aspect of life. It feels trivial to be upset over cancelled plans but equally, you have my deepest sympathy if you’re worried about the impact on your mental health. It’s the little things that keep us going after all. 

But people are dying. Jobs and businesses are at risk. We must be grateful for what we have. 

I am trying to focus on the positives: everyone I know is currently in good health. I have a job I can do from home, and my colleagues have a great sense of humour. More time at home will mean more time for the hobbies/house jobs I say I don’t have enough time for. Ryanair have removed their admin fee for changing flight dates. The internet is currently on fire with gifs and videos, providing light relief (check out this video and this video). I have a Netflix account. I already have enough pasta/loo roll in. We have FaceTime and WhatsApp voice notes meaning human connections, even when isolated, are easier than ever. The worry is real but there are reasons to be calm and cheerful. Keep looking for the light. 

Giving you a virtual hug in these disconcerting times. Stay calm, be sensible, look out for others and don’t be the dickhead stockpiling loo roll. 


  1. It is a tough time at the moment, I'm at risk group so it making me extra anxious, so hopefully it shall pass soon :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes