A Social-Distancing To-Do List

22 Mar 2020

A Social-Distancing To-Do List

I’m doing what I always do when I’m stressed and things are out of my control: I’m making a list. I had a solid plan for this year, but we are now looking at potentially 3+ months predominantly home based. Because we are not dickheads (harsh but true) and because I have increased risk of severe illness should I catch Covid-19, Gary and I are taking social distancing seriously (and I’d be grateful if you could too; it’s not a lot to ask you to stay at home and watch Netflix). I can’t go into the office, I can’t go on holiday and, worst of all, can’t have physical contact with friends and family. So I need a new plan. A plan that can’t involve that much actual planning because who knows how long we are going to be in this situation for.

My new plan is to attempt to focus on the positives and the main positive that I can see at the moment, is that I’ve been given time. Alright, I didn’t ask for it and I’m still pretty peeved that my other more exciting plans have been thrown out the window but there are clearly more important things to be taking priority right now. All we’ve got to do is stay at home.

So here’s my list. A list of things to do now that I have gained back all my commuting time, social time, holiday time, siting-in-cafes-eating-cake time. A list to save my mental-health. A list of projects, of home comforts, of living in the moment; because that’s all we can do right now.

Re-watch all the Harry Potter films – it has been an age since I’ve watched all the HP films and this feels like an excellent opportunity to start making my way through them all again, and hopefully persuade Gary to watch them with me (no he’s never seen them; don’t get me started). 

At-home gels nails – I just invested in an at-home gel manicure kit which is something I’ve considered doing for a while because, whilst I love having gels nails, it’s not a cheap habit so I tend to reserve them for ‘treats’ and special occasions. And, in a weird kind of way, this feels like both. So once it arrives, hooray for fancy nails around the house for the next few months.

Read read read and read some more. And re-read all the Harry Potter books if things get desperate and I am in need of a comfort blanket. My dad bought me a brand new, beautiful set for my birthday (as my old set is so tattered the pages fall out) so excited to dig into them.

Bake cakes and cookies and whatever the hell else because baking is good for my soul. Browse my many cookbooks & cook new recipes on a regular basis (as long as people haven’t stockpiled the ingredients).

Kitchen dance parties – inspired by Beth Sandland – check our her corker of a social-distancing playlist here – all baking and cooking shall be accompanied by some serious dancing around the kitchen. Baking and dancing in combination are extra good for the soul.

Write my book – not all of it, although I suppose it depends how long this situation goes on for, but yaaay extra writing time! 

Life admin – all those boring tasks that I am constantly putting off – clearing my personal inbox, backing up my laptop, sorting through paperwork etc – there is absolutely no reason not to dedicate a Saturday to them right now. I am gonna be so smug come summer when all this is over (hopefully, please oh please) and I can dedicate all my time to drinking and catching up with people with no obligations. 

Finish putting our wedding & honeymoon photo albums together – pretty self-explanatory! 

Regular video calls with friends & family – probably the most important one. Social distancing only means physical distancing; so prioritise video calls with family & friends. I have a feeling I could end up talking to mine more than I normally do, what with everybody being at home with no plans. I’ve had an hour long phonecall and a virtual wine date already this weekend and another one planned for this evening, which means my social life has actually been busier than a non-social distancing weekend.

Finish the house – I mean, we really have no excuse not to paint the landings and hallways right now do we? If the house isn’t finished by the time social distancing is over, I will be unimpressed with our failure.

Couch to 5k – I did have other exercise plans – grateful the government announced social distancing just before I joined a gym – but seeing as they can no longer go ahead, I thought I’d attempt to get back into running outside as long as we're still allowed to do so. The Couch to 5k did me well last time I wanted to get back into running so I’m starting there again.  

Embrace that spring sunshine – being at home and avoiding others doesn’t mean that Spring and those fresh sunny days can’t be embraced. As the temperatures rise and sunny days increase, I plan to sit in the garden with my book or head outside for a walk in the local woodland (whilst avoiding other people obvs). 

Stay safe lads x 


  1. I'm also in the vunerable caterory of people, so I have social distance from everyone which is rarer sad, I still have to work as well which is making me more nervous, but on my days off, I'm getting some sort of plan together, thanks for sharing yours :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

    1. It's really difficult! But I think having a plan really helps :) Hope you are feeling okay in all the madness.

  2. Love your ideas! I do think it's a good time to revisit the Harry Potter films, and I should really stop putting off the life admin jobs I haven't done...