Five Highlights From November

4 Dec 2019

Five Highlights From November

The hangover, overshadow, of October carried on into the beginning of November but as the month went on, I slowly started to feel more myself again. Here are the highlights from the past few weeks:

Warwickshire. For our annual weekend away to the countryside, the girls and I headed to Warwickshire for an autumnal weekend full of golden leaves, flooded fields and cheese. Plenty of cheese. We stayed in a beautiful converted barn, drank a lot of wine and I came away feeling lighter somehow. 

Oxfordshire. And then round two! The next weekend, I headed to another converted barn for a long-overdue catch-up with my uni brother and sister. Highlight was definitely the discovery we were sleeping in the fancy office of a well-known journalist/tv presenter. Airbnb, you do throw out some corkers! 

The Crown came back! We watched the whole series within a week. Such a compelling show. (Fun fact: half of the first episode was filmed at my office.) I definitely missed Claire Foy and Matt Smith but it was still a good’un and I can’t wait for series 4. 

NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month for those not in the know. Each November, thousands of people around the globe challenge themselves to write 50,000 words in a month and, on somewhat of a whim, I decided to join in this year. I was totally unprepared, having done no prep and with three out of four weekends booked out, but I thought what the heck. I work better with some kind of deadline and my writing has seriously suffered this year, thanks to planning a wedding and buying a house. It felt seriously good to get back into it and, although 1700 words a day was a bit too ambitious for me (remind me to clear my diary next year), I wrote more of my novel than I’ve written all year and am pretty chuffed about it. 

House progress. We finished the bathroom, painted the living room, Gary’s building a fitted wardrobe and I’m fantasy-spending money on cushions. The master bedroom is still officially designated-building site but we are sloooooowly getting there, inch by inch.