Five Highlights From October

4 Nov 2019

Happy things from October

I wasn’t prepared for October. The first two weeks were normal – better than normal actually, as they included a weekend break to Nice, France. But then I got a call saying I needed to come and say goodbye to my Nana. And so the last 2-3 weeks have felt very strange. Strange for obvious reasons and strange for reasons I’m still figuring out. I don’t quite feel myself but I’m just trying to go with it. Death and loss are bizarre things to process. 

But there’s always good amongst the bad and all that so some of the good things from October: 

A weekend in Nice, France. My mum, step-dad, sister and I spent a long weekend in Nice in October and it was really rather dreamy. The temperature was my perfect holiday temp of 21c, Nice was a delight and it was just an all-round lovely weekend. 

Carnival Row. This gem of a tv show was the main reason I finally got myself an Amazon prime account. I saw the trailer and thought hello. Alternative world? Fairies and fantasy? I’m there mate. Absolutely adored this and thrilled that they’ve commissioned a second season. 

Misty sunrises. Whilst I don’t dig half 5 alarm calls, they are sometimes necessary if I’m going to get to London by a certain time. Now that Autumn has arrived, a perk of the early starts has been gazing at the absolutely glorious misty sunrises across the fens as my train speeds to London. Stunning. 

Monster cookies. In an effort to try and cheer myself up after a bleak couple of weeks, I made The Anna Edit’s cookies (if you know, you know) one weekend and they are so big and so good. Get in ma belly. 

Kitchen design. We got our kitchen design back in October and I found it incredibly exciting! The pictures they can generate based on a few photos and measurements are so impressive and it was great to get the first look as to what our kitchen could potentially look like next year! 

November looks set to be busy one, building up to the festive season and even more DIY. What have you got planned?