Little Gems: 35

4 Feb 2019

Happy things

Last January, I was so caught up in the whole we-just-got-engaged and woohoo-let’s-plan-a-wedding shindig, that the month just flew by. So when the first full week of January this year came along, I was suddenly remembered that, even with the fresh possibility of a new year and every positive thought I throw at it, January can be just a bit meh. That first week felt truly looooong and the blues were kicking in big time.

But then, I dunno, after a bit of minor moping, I just seemed to get into the swing of things. I relished the return of routine and a new start and getting shit organised. Of course, I’d only just got started when I set off for the first of three weekends away. After a weekend in Kent, I headed to Towcester for a weekend with my gals and I’m currently writing this from my dad’s sofa in Sheffield. I’m hoping February will be slightly more home-based so I can feel like I am truly on top of things before wedding admin inevitably starts to take over our lives.

Some recent happy things:

Anna Newton’s (aka The Anna Edit) new book arrived at the beginning of the month and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I love Anna’s blog & I would have given her book a read anyway, so I wasn’t quite prepared for her life-organisation book to inspire me as much as it did. I have BIG plans to de-clutter and re-organise our whole flat and have already sorted through my entire wardrobe (lol I now have a clothes inventory) and, get this, have jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon. Doubt I’ll ever go back tbh.

The stranger at Liverpool station who stopped me to say ‘excuse me, you are exceptionally beautiful’ and then just went on her way. What a gal.

Series 4 of My Dad Wrote A Porno has been seeing my though the dreary January weekdays. This podcast is one of the only podcasts I have religiously stuck with and series 4 was probably my favourite yet. I like to save up the series so I can listen in one go so I’ve been listening to it on my commute throughout January, and I’ve finally given up trying to not laugh out loud in the middle of a quiet train carriage.

Sheffield street art which I forced my dad and sister to walk around a building site and through a car park for, so I could take photos.

My photo a day challenge is injecting a little bit of creativity into each day just as I hoped, and I’m not fed up of it just yet!

Wedmin which I both love and yet feels seemingly relentless. There will always be something that needs doing between now and June which can feel a tad never-ending when sometimes you just wanna lie in a heap on the sofa, but it’s also stupidly exciting and I like that the final countdown is getting closer and closer. I have just over six weeks until my hen do and less than four months to go until the day!