We're engaged!

4 Jan 2018

I did not think this would be my first post of 2018 either but hey look what happened.

When I said 'if my absolute favourite moment happens in the next 24 hours, I’ll let ya know' in this post, I didn’t quite realise I was foreshadowing a significant life milestone.

G asked if I wanted to get married whilst we were in Brighton, I made a few weird noises (which he took as a yes) and here we are.

We spent Christmas doing all things festive and then spent several days tucked up in the flat. We briefly stepped outside to have a mosey at the Fat Face sale but mostly spent our time living in a world of sofa, cheese and chocolate. G had a stonking cold-borderline-flu for most of it but we still decided to go ahead with our New Year’s Eve trip to Brighton mainly cos we’d paid a hefty amount of cash for a room in a boutique hotel.

The conversation started because we were talking about the best moments of 2017 and what we were looking forward to in 2018, as well as our plan to buy a house in 2019 (we like to plan okay). And then G oh-so-casually asked, if we wanted to get married before buying a house, did we need to set a wedding date? I didn’t entirely take him seriously but then he looked at me and asked “shall we then?”.

I was lying on the bed but suddenly sat up properly.  “Wait what? Are you saying we should get married?”

“Well, engaged for now.”

“Are you proposing to me?!”

He told me later that he’d had thoughts of asking me on the beach but the weather was a sexy combination of gale force winds, pissing rain and freezing cold so he thought better of it. No one likes a proposal story that involves hypothermia.

So I got engaged in the hotel room whilst wearing a pair of joggers. It was very chilled and very us.

I’ve known for a long time that G was the fella I wanted to keep around for the foreseeable (I know; I put it in such a romantic way). We’ve talked quite openly about the fact that we wanted to get married in St Albans, before we buy a house and move away, so I always thought I’d probably suspect when the shall-we-get-married moment was about to happen.

But turns out, nope, I was clueless. Which G is pleased about because his main aim was to take me by surprise.

And yes, I cried.

I got ready in a bit of a daze, drank champagne in the hotel bar far too quickly and barely remember what I ate at dinner; just that we drank a bottle of prosecco and planned our wedding, and that I was a little bit shaky and full of adrenaline the entire time.

And then we went back to the hotel to watch a combination of the fireworks outside the window and the London fireworks on the telly.

Also, I told a lot of my friends five minutes before midnight when nearly everyone was preparing for the countdown and were rather drunk, and I would 100% recommend doing this. There was a lot of screaming, drunken facetime calls and WhatsApp messages ALL IN CAPITALS, and it was very entertaining.

What else to say? I have a ring that G refers to as a token/jokey/cracker ring (IT HAS A CAT ON) but we’re going ‘proper’ engagement ring shopping this weekend; I know as much about diamonds as I do about mechanics so I’ll probs just pick the first one I see and then go eat cake.

We have a good idea of the kind of wedding we want, a potential date in mind and have already inquired at a potential reception venue. We so organised.

We’ve made a guest list and there’s already 120 people on it and, like, that’s a lot of people to feed. Acceptable to just order a load of pizzas on the day or nah?

The past few days have been a bit of a whirlwind (my phone keeps going off with messages of congratulations from loved ones and it’s LOVELY) and I have seriously struggled to concentrate at work cos oooo let’s just google wedding dresses…

2018, I think you’re gonna be a good’un…