A Photo A Day | 14-20 January 2019

21 Jan 2019

A Photo A Day, 14-20 January
14 Jan 2019
Location: Home, St Albans
Still have a cold, still struggling to get a decent nights sleep. Yet I’ve been bizarrely productive today. The Anna Edit new book has got me so motivated to organise the shit outta my life... so much so that I did a massive wardrobe clear out before breakfast 🤷🏻‍♀️. I also went to my first yoga class in a year and feel all the better for it!

A Photo A Day, 14-20 January
15 Jan 2019
Location: Fitzroy Square, London
Me: I have no ideas for today’s photo of the day. Sibling: Go stand over there. 

A Photo A Day, 14-20 January
16 Jan 2019
Location: Near St Pancras station, London
Pushing through the rain, wind & hump day so I can be reunited with my really-should-go-in-the-wash dressing gown...

A Photo A Day, 14-20 January
17 Jan 2019
Location: Franco Manca, Kings Cross, London
Throwing any thought of January-health out the window and knocking back wine & pizza with my gal Beth.

A Photo A Day, 14-20 January
18 Jan 2019
Location: Dartford Crossing
Made a birthday cake, met with the wedding-venue coordinator, bought some wedding rings, headed to the depths of the Kent countryside for my rents birthday weekend. And now to sleep...

A Photo A Day, 14-20 January
19 Jan 2019
Location: Brabourne, Kent
Our gaff for the weekend. There’s open fires & creaky doors, the north downs on the doorstep and an absolutely gorgeous pub next door!

A Photo A Day, 14-20 January
20 Jan 2019
Location: North Downs, Kent
Filled my lungs with fresh country air and inhaled a roast dinner before heading home. Note to self: get back into the countryside soon...