Wedding Chat (#3) | Six Month Countdown

7 Dec 2018

Six months until the wedding

Invites have gone out, dress is being made, several deposits have been paid and there’s now less than six months to go; shit is getting real lads.

It baffles me that it is nearly one year since we got engaged. We seem to have officially moved out of the stage of ‘we’ve got aaaaages’ and into the ‘shit, we probably should start thinking about things otherwise we’ll get to May and be totally screwed’; a point emphasised by the fact that suddenly people keep saying ‘it will come around sooner than you think’ to me.

All of which has led to us having a wedding project plan. Not sure if I’m proud or embarrassed tbh.

Aside from our supercool spreadsheet, I guess the biggest wedding update is that we have actually changed our ceremony venue. This came about for a variety of reasons but the biggest motivator was that we always felt a little like we had ‘settled’ for getting married in the registry office because so many venues don’t allow you to hire them just for a ceremony. But our new venue does and it can seat everybody so we don’t have to restrict the number of people we can invite to the ceremony. Plus it’s just a lot nicer. It’s newly opened so we had to wait for them to get their marriage licence and there was a fair bit of back and forth, but eventually we were able to confirm and pay the deposit.

This also meant we had to give notice again which is not only dull but also costs us 70 quid each time, so that’s £140 we’ll never see again *eye roll*.

Once all that was sorted, we could send out invites. We used the same website and design as our save-the-dates and so far, they seem to have all arrived at the correct addresses and addressed to the correct people which is an achievement because I may have been drinking wine whilst writing out all the envelopes...

Other big news: I found my dress (full story here) and the honeymoon is booked! We shall be spending just under three weeks in the US of A and I’m so excited. Third trip to America and this time I will actually see places outside of NYC – although we’re still going to New York of course; I’m not an animal.

And that’s where we’re at. Don’t judge me for the wedding project plan; I’m marrying a data guy. Excel was bound to sneak in at some point.