Wedding Chat (#2) | I Really Love Stationary

1 May 2018

Wedding save-the-dates

Wedding save-the-dates

If there was one aspect of ‘traditional’ wedding stuff that I was going to get excited about, it was the stationary. Omg I love stationary.

I was on it when G and I started discussing sending out save-the-dates. It was very much a case of me throwing myself into a big pile of stationary research and occasionally asking G if he liked a certain style (it is his wedding as well… but even he was willing to let me do most of the stationary legwork).

We have a big excel sheet full of friends and family and a lot of their addresses but we still haven’t 100% firmed up our guestlist yet, and we still need to decide who we’re inviting to the ceremony (we can invite everyone to nearly every part of our wedding but our ceremony has limited seating). However, we were keen to get our save-the-dates out to as many as possible asap. We’re big planners and I particularly feel more relaxed knowing that the date is already in the majority of people’s diaries so far in advance – especially as we have a few people coming from abroad.

Save-the-dates are a bit of a luxury, rather than a necessity, so we didn’t want to spend a fortune. After a fair amount of research, I settled on Vistaprint which I would v much recommend. They have hundreds of templates on there and you can play around as much as you like so it’s personal to you. They also offer discount deals when you sign up with them so I think I ended up ordering 80 cards for around £30 – a win in my book.

And I really loved them. They were simple but pretty – kinda the vibe I’m going for the whole day. Oh and great quality. I’ll definitely be using Vistaprint and the same template for our invitations.

I also brought in the stationary for asking some of my favourite girls if they wanted to be my bridesmaids. You can never have enough stationary.

I had a solid idea as to who I would ask to be my bridesmaids back in January but as there were, ahem, more than the average amount, I ummed and ahhed for a while before realising hell, it’s my wedding; I’ll have as many as I want. I knew I wouldn’t be able to ask the majority of them in person because we all live quite far away from each other; so I ordered these adorable personalised will-you-be-my-bridesmaid cards from Etsy and they were so nice. Each was individually made on thick card and came wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with a pretty sticker and with its own envelope. I sent them out with the save-the-dates without saying anything beforehand and it was a lot of fun to see/hear their surprised reactions one-by-one as they each opened their post.

Stationary love aside, a lot of my ‘wedding’ attention has been taken up by honeymoon planning. We’re hoping to have about 17 days away in total and it will come as no surprise to anyone that a week of that will be spent in New York. Yes, I realise I am horribly predictable. We’re just in the process of firming up where exactly we’re going for the other 10 days and then in June, we will get those flights booked a solid year in advance.

Otherwise, I’ve booked someone to do my hair and make-up on the day so I can put it out my mind and concentrate on drinking prosecco. We had a little practice session and I think my hair is probably going to end up with a lot of braids and flowers. We’ve also booked a quirky Airbnb to stay in for the weekend of the wedding after deciding our flat isn’t big/light enough to get ready in. It’s still very central so perfect walking distance from the reception venue (I am all for drunkenly stumbling through town in my wedding dress).

Oh and we’ve been establishing some songs we might want to play during the ceremony but this is surprisingly hard to pin down!

I have a surprisingly long list of things we need to consider for the day but they’re all mostly little details so there’s not that much to do right now, apart from searching for those honeymoon flights…

Wedding save-the-dates

Wedding save-the-dates