Little Gems: 34 | Embracing Routine

12 Oct 2018

Recent happy things

Before I delve into the recent good stuff, the little things that have made me happy recently, I’m just gonna note – like a massive cliché – how freakin’ quick summer and September went and how can we possibly be in the final leg of 2018?!

(But also, yes, beyond thrilled that Christmas is a mere 10 weeks away. My inner elf will be emerging any day now. Don’t turn that into an innuendo ffs.)

After a very hectic summer, at lot of which was spent living out of a suitcase, I am very much embracing a bit of routine at the moment. The suitcase is now in the cupboard for the next few months and I am all about fresh paperchase planners, organised inboxes and twice weekly gym sessions. No seriously…

Autumn. We all know the season of golden leaves and blustery winds is my favourite time of year so, yup, currently being that person kicking my way through the piles of crunchy leaves with child-like glee.

Hello Fresh. Beyond bored of the mid-week meal rut and finally accepting we were not getting out of it, we signed up for a meal subscription service. Reader, I am loving it. It is a sheer joy to constantly have healthy, delicious meals ready to whip up after work. We’re eating so much better, potentially actually saving money on food and I love the fact it’s improving my cooking skills. I am an official Hello Fresh convert.

Joining the gym. I know; who am I? G and I now have a couple’s gym membership – a sentence I never thought I’d say. We’re trying to go twice a week and I’m actually kinda enjoying it? Assuming I’ve been body-swapped with an alien or summin’.

Skin care routine. I realise this list is starting to sound kinda wanky – I can only apologise. This is what happens when you get really excited about having a bit of a routine to get into; I want routine in all aspects of life. Anyway, yeah, I’m taking my skin care routine seriously. Clay masks! Double cleansing! Acids! Nope, no idea what any of it really means either. But my skin feels incredible so there ya go.

Wardrobe clear out. Ya know capsule wardrobes? Yeah, I don’t have one. Not even close. But I’m trying to adopt the mindset of a capsule wardrobe meaning my wardrobe clear-out in September was brutal and I’m trying to be more mindful with clothes in general. Unless I love it, it ain’t staying or coming home with me and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much this does for my confidence (you’d have thought it would have been obvious but apparently not). Also, I can actually open the drawers/wardrobe without a fear of being swallowed up by a pit of long-forgotten clothes so that’s nice.

Thinx Period Pants. They deserve a shout out okay? A huuuuge shout out. I love the period pants you guys, LOVE EM. Don’t wanna be dramatic but, yes, my life has changed forever. I will keep talking about them over breakfast and I have no shame.

TV. I mean, where to begin? There is so much good stuff on atm, I’m genuinely struggling to keep up. I have a physical list of what to catch up on for crying out loud. Shout out to Bodyguard though – what. a. series. Also a female Doctor! I loved Jodie Whittaker so much that I watched the first episode twice. Oh and Bake Off is back which is a fabulous excuse to eat cake if nothing else. Rahul to win?

Chilli honey. So this my friends, is the discovery of the summer. It is dreamy with a whole heap of sexiness thrown in. I first came across it at my favourite pizza market stall in St A and loved it so much, I ordered my own bottle. It’s food of the gods, I swear. You can buy a bottle here. You are welcome.

Honeymoon is (mostly) booked. We’ve still got a few nights of the trip which we need to book our accommodation for but our little post-wedding adventure is coming together. I’ll probs spend 90% of the time referring to G as ‘husband’ just because.

Caffe Nero. I have discovered that the top floor of the St Albans Caffe Nero is this peaceful little haven that’s perfect for a good writing sesh. Their cakes aren’t at my standards but nobody’s perfect I suppose.

Sainsbury’s candle haul. Another reason I love this time of year; CANDLE TIME. G had to wait patiently whilst I ran around the Sainsbury’s home section the other weekend. There were rows of candles and I was losing my shit. Crackin’ times.

Have a great weekend dear reader.


  1. I definitely think Rahul to win, he continually smashes it every week!

    Lucy | Forever September