Little Gems: 33

2 Jun 2018

Happy things

I cleaned the bathroom this morning and man does it feel good. It looks like the kind of bathroom you might be willing to actually bathe in now, rather than some place you’d hover-pee in. I also made the genius decision of adding two new bars of Lush soap, one on the side of the bath and one on the side of the sink, and now the room legit smells like a Lush shop and I am all about that life.

I am currently dosed up on ibuprofen – in an attempt to battle horrendous period pains – but am trying not to let it ruin my Saturday. G is away and I’m having one of those days where you just potter about. I’ve cleaned the bathroom, tidied and hoovered the rest of the flat, wandered out to buy fresh peonies, sat on the terrace and started a new book with magnum in hand (can confirm the praline flavour is a good’un) and am in the process of baking some fresh cookies with an Elton John album blaring in the background. Just call me a domestic goddess. Rest of the day will probably include a bath-bomb-filled bath in my freshly cleaned bathroom and a bowl of pasta pesto with a week's worth of Corrie. Living the dream (kinda is my idea of living the dream tbh).

Anyway, some recent good stuff from the past few weeks:

Summer does seem to be sticking around finally and it’s making my heart sing more than usual. I love the quirks of each season and G jokes that I’m always done with one and ready for the next several weeks before they arrive. But, this year in particular, it really did feel like winter dragged it out as long as possible and I have been yearning for some sunshine. Also there have been some truly epic thunderstorms recently and the lightning has been incredible!

Plans for the summer are growing by the second. The big ones include holidays to Scotland and Croatia as well as weekends in Devon and the Peak District and plenty of little plans and day trips with friends in between. And ice cream obviously.

The Irish referendum results. HELL YES. What a beautiful moment. I was pretty shocked at the blatant lies and scare-mongering on the ‘vote no’ posters whilst we were in Ireland the other week and so relieved to see the yes vote win, and by a landslide as well! It should always be a woman’s choice no matter what.

I’ve become a little more refined with my reading. My natural instinct has always been to finish a book but I’m learning that struggling to finish a book is simply a waste of time when time is already precious. I was reading The Crow Girl recently and it was well written, creepy plot line… but I found it really disturbing and began to lose my motivation to pick up after 150 pages or so. So I put it on the shelf for another day and moved on, and I found it rather liberating. I’m also becoming more selective about what I read and it means I’ve read some absolutely brilliant novels recently.

Sat in our favourite pub last night chatting about how, in exactly a year’s time, we would be getting married there!

Watching Designated Survivor on Netflix and The Handmaid’s Tale now it’s back on Channel 4. Both so good! Also v much enjoying A Very English Scandal; the BBC mini series about Jeremy Thorpe currently airing.

This mac n cheese recipe by Katy. I swapped the courgette for broccoli cos I’m not a fan of courgette but otherwise so. damn. good. The garlic in the sauce is uh-mazing.

My trainer collection seems to have grown once again. I had an Asos voucher burning a hole in my pocket and as a result, these converse and these vans have ended up on my feet. Those yellow vans though <3

Peony season. How can you not love it?! 100% my favourite flowers.

Really loved this article on the suicide storyline in Corrie. I’m a not-so-secret fan of Corrie and I think this storyline was handled so well and raised a lot of awareness. Watching it was about as fun as sticking pins in your eyes but that’s hardly the point.

We spent an afternoon in Cambridge during the bank holiday weekend. We sat in a pub right on the river and watched all the punters going up and down whilst munching on nachos and Eton mess. It was pretty dreamy.

Films I’ve loved recently: Ladybird (like watching a beautiful Polaroid picture), Journeyman (heartbreaking), Love Simon (hell yes to a high school rom com with a gay protagonist) and A Quiet Place (so clever, so terrifying).

Hope your weekend is a good one dear reader.

Happy things