Fridays, Veganism & A Year To Go

1 Jun 2018

Fridays, Veganism & A Year To Go

Hello. Hi. It me. *waves*

Today is my first – what I like to call – ‘typical’ Friday in a while. The kinda Friday I default to when there are no other plans/trips/work commitments. It goes pretty much like this: spend the morning doing work emails/tasks from the sofa/bed usually in some state of half undress. At midday, make myself presentable and get my shit together so I am out the flat by half 12ish. Head to café for lunch and writing time. Stay in café for approx. 2-4 hours depending on how said writing time is going. Have a mosy round the shops on my way home. Usually includes Lush and Waterstones and G rolling his eyes when he sees the bank statement the next day. Heading back to the flat for an hour or so where I either write some more or procrastinate until G gets home. And then head to the pub for the evening. Tbh, it’s often my favourite day of the week.

I’m currently in the café part of the day and have just consumed a cheese toastie. There may be a chocolate chip muffin waiting to be engulfed as well.

FYI, this post is just going to be a bit of a ramble about current thoughts idly swirling around my brain.

Thought no. 1: it is a year today until our wedding day! 1st June 2019. As of tomorrow, we can start counting down in months. I’ll be honest, I’ve recently been a tad frustrated at our booking so far in advance. I know why we did it – we need 3-weeks-worth of annual leave for the wedding & honeymoon we have planned and that wasn’t possible this year. But the type of wedding we’re having means I know we could have planned it in less than 6 months and had it, say, August this year if we’d wanted. And that knowledge sometimes makes me impatient because a year STILL FEELS SO LONG.

But at the same time, I want to head for the honeymoon straight after the wedding, 6 months would not have been enough warning for some of our friends living abroad and the wedding signals (for us) the end of rented living and the time to start house hunting. Which means leaving St Albans. And I’m not quite ready for that just yet.

I realise this is an incredibly privileged, first-world frustration to be having – I’m just brain dumping on ya.

Anyway, one year today!! This is something worthy of celebration right? Cos I kinda want to use it as an excuse to crack open prosecco or summin’…

Thought no. 2: veganism. No, I am not becoming a vegan – sibling, if you’re reading this, I apologise. But I read yet another article this morning that said avoiding meat and diary is the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on earth and I had yet another ‘oh crap Kate, get your shit together’ moment. I strongly believe in helping the planet as much as possible (current mission is to stop using single-use plastic) and reducing my meat and diary intake will make a significant difference (I mean if we all do this - I don't just grossly overestimate my impact and importance). I try to eat as little meat as possible and, whilst I’m not perfect, I’m mostly good at it (mainly because I’m not that fussed about a lot of meat). I’m much less successful in the diary department and I really want to improve this. (Part of this involves accepting that cheese has the biggest carbon footprint of all diary products… *sobs hysterically*).

I know I am not an all-or-nothing type person. If you tell me I can’t have something and there’s no immediate implications if I do have said thing, I am more likely to fail. So I’m considering adopting a predominantly vegan diet during the week and then relaxing at the weekend. That way I know I can still have cheese, non-vegan cakes and hell, even some chorizo, should I want to; which, I hope, will make it much easier to stick to but still dramatically reduce my diary and meat intake overall. That’s my theory anyway.

And on that note, I’m probs gonna go browse vegan cookbooks in Waterstones.

See ya. X