Little Gems: 31

26 Jan 2018

Life lately and happy things

Thank fuck it’s Friday, s’all I’m saying.

Well, okay no, that’s not all I’m saying because, as we all know, I have the ability to say quite a lot.

I’m currently perched on a stool in a cafĂ©, munching my way through a toastie and already thinking about the nachos and padron peppers I plan on whipping up for dinner later. Do I think about food too much oooorrrr…

Work has been v hectic and I-think-my-mind-is-going-to-implode yet again this week. Why so many deadlines in January huh huh? I don’t know where January has gone between mad work weeks and wedding planning and family weekends.

It hit me this morning that I have two weeks left before Singapore and I had a mild freak out over plug adapters for crying out loud. Do I need em, WHAT KIND DO I NEED. Lol, think I’m over-tired.

Wedding planning. In an efficient and organised fashion (not the usual state of affairs in my life, I assure you), we have booked our wedding. Not all the details obviously, I’m not freakin’ superwoman, but we have a date, we have a ceremony and we have a venue; it's v exciting. I’m going to do a bigger post on all this soon (sorry if wedding planning makes you want to pull out your own hair but this is where I record my memories sooooo).

Travel planning. Potentially even more fun (although not sure I’m technically supposed to say that) has been planning our adventures for the year ahead. G and I have now plotted our route for when we drive the North Coast 500 in July, including all our accommodation. Researching 8 different places to stay is a bit like planning 8 different trips and, needless to say, it is so much fun. 

Booking Singapore. Gotta love a bit of extra annual leave, spontaneity and BA January sales all coming together.

Hoover. Yup, that's right, my hoover is a highlight. For Christmas, my mum and step-dad bought me a cordless hoover and, well, IT’S A GAME CHANGER GUYS. Not sure when I became this person but I’m rolling with it.

Being voted vice-chair on the board of trustees I sit on for a charity. Still not entirely sure how that happened tbh…

The Rosie Project – I’m late to the party I know, but this was just the loveliest book. Would absolutely recommend (here).

A mid-week hangover. I mean, I didn’t necessarily enjoy this but I did enjoy the evening in the pub with good people the night before.

Finding my engagement ring. IT’S SO SPARKLY.

Have a lovely weekend all x