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26 Sep 2016

Festival No.6: the good, the bad, the ugly | Days 2-3

Part #1 here. Last year's posts here and here.

Day Two

The good:

• Listen up. The day started with banana, peanut butter and salted caramel crumpets. Yeah, exactly.

• It was really interesting to listen to a Q&A with Ricky Tomlinson and Johnny Vegas talking about Ricky’s time as a political prisoner and the film they made documenting it.

• We hid from the rain in the comedy tent all afternoon. Discovering new comedians that made our ribs hurt from giggling helped us forget that we resembled a pair of drowned slugs.

• Welsh choir. I spoke about these guys last year but they are so very impressive no matter how many times you see them.

• Halloumi fries. I don’t really need to say anymore, surely?

• A cute, make-shift wine bar. It had fairy lights and was a lil bit magical. The cushions on the seats were soaking after the downpour so hi wet arse but you can’t have everything. Fairy lights and wine made up for it.

The bad:

• It rained two inches of rain in 12 hours. Literally bouncing back, with little shelter. It took approximately one and half minutes for every single person at the festival to be soaked to the very, dark core. There were also 40mph winds. Just to add to the bants.

• The comedy tent had a power cut thanks to the weather and we were all ‘evacuated’ because health and safety regulations meant that no one was allowed to stay in the tent whilst they fixed it. We stood in the rain for 45 minutes waiting to be let back in. Oh torrential downpour you cutie.

The ugly:

The mud. Imagine Glastonbury. But with everything on a fuck-off big slope. And without any of Glastonbury’s methods of dealing with it. How I escaped with both my wellies, I’ll never know.  Also my laptop keeps trying to correct ‘wellies’ to ‘willies’ and I’m giggling like a five year old.

Day Three

The good: 

• Last year, I discovered the performance poet JB Barrington who is so, so good. We were part of the crowd in his intimate, 45 minute performance this year and therefore part of the few people who saw him propose to his partner. Pretty darn special experience.

• Remember the goat’s cheese, walnut and honey sandwich from last year? Yeah, well, it happened again.

• So we got lost in the woods (on purpose) and then made it our mission to get down to the beach. When we finally got down there (after a spot of abseiling... don’t ask, just look below), we basically spent two hours walking along the endless sand and clambering over rocks in our wellies, like we were kids all over again.

• A hot dog covered in chilli, cheese and jalapeƱos and a peppermint hot chocolate. So many new taste sensations in one go!

• Oh and I also experienced literally the best mint choc chip ice cream I’ve ever had. Life complete.

• I mean, who doesn’t want to see Noel Gallagher and several thousand people sing Wonderwall live? All together now: I said maybeeeeeee.... 

The bad:

Yeah, so you’d have thought getting down to the beach would have been simple but it involved just a spot of, ya know, abseiling. You had to grab this old piece of rope that looked like it was there by accident, swing off the path and shimmy down a small cliff face. Yeah sure, it was only a few feet but this shit does not come naturally to me. G shimmied down all casual... I dropped like a potato. And got rope burn.

The ugly:

• Whilst in the crowd watching Echo and the Bunnymen, the girl next to us was attempting to toss off her boyfriend. I did warn you it was ugly.

• Warnings were flashing up on the screens asking people who had driven to the festival to remain on site the next morning due to the fact that the fields where the cars were parked had flooded... Oh, that would be us then.

Keep an eye out for the next post which involves a car park on a flood plain, tractors & JCB diggers and a hella lot of mud... 

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