Little Gems: 20

6 Jun 2016

Little Gems
How beautiful is the park in our new city?

There is no rhyme or reason as to when these Little Gems posts decide to show up but what’s life without a little mystery eh? 

1) Some babin’ sunshine showed up this weekend; hey sunburnt shoulders, how ya doin? Little suspicious as to whether the sun is gonna stick around because I was using a hot water bottle last week but here’s hoping... 

2) Tesco’s cinnamon tear and share bun. Oh sweet heaven; get in my mouth. 

3) Yoga. I tried it like yeah, yeah, whatever; turns out I blady loved it. Who knew. 

4) This film and this film are out this month. Just sayin. 

5) Getting back into swimming. Okay I’ve been once but that water baby feeling is back. Defs should have been a mermaid. 

6) Sunday morning group skype with my uni babes created all sorts of happy feels. 

7) Rekorderlig strawberry and lime cider. The sweet, sweet taste of summer. 

8) You know that scene in the new X-men film where Quicksilver is saving everyone with Sweet Dreams rocking in the background? Yeah. That. 

9) Gig at the O2 arena. 20,000 people singing Teenage Dirtbag. I’ll say no more. 

10) Planning dream trips to New York, maybe, possibly, pleaseohpleasely...