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14 Jun 2016

London Eats | Cocktails, Cupcakes & Cute Delis

So these are some cute little places you should go check out in London if you fancy a treat. Go on babes, you work hard.


This is a cute lil bar that feels like a coffee shop with squashy sofas and high chairs&benches. It’s cosy and dark but in a mysterious way, rather than a probs-gonna-get-murdered kinda way. And there’s a great big disco-skull hanging from the ceiling. I mean, hi now.

But the best bit?

They serve cocktails in a teacup. IN A TEACUP. You and your pals can get a pitcher-worth of your cocktail of choice, in a teapot to share, and then you each get a teacup and saucer to drink from.

Bet you didn’t even know you needed this in your life. But you do doll, you really do.

The Hummingbird Bakery

Um, so totally behind on the times I know, but this was actually my first visit to the cupcake shop of dreams. I wanted a slice of that rainbow cake so bad, it looked so dreamy and...instagramable?

Hashtag loser.

But I only went in for a cupcake or two cos it was G’s birthday and I just wanted a lil summin for the evening.

Staff were a bit grumpy, not gonna lie, but gazing at the drool-worthy selection of cakes more than made up for it.

Came out with 4 cupcakes.


So, yeah, we basically had a hummingbird bakery cupcake tasting session.

Living the dream.

We sampled the Carrot, Red Velvet, Cookies&Cream and the Black Bottom cupcakes. I’m assuming the Carrot and Red Velvet speak for themselves but (in case you were wondering) the Cookies&Cream sponge is filled with cookie chunks and the vanilla frosting with Oreos, and then the Black Bottom cupcake is a chocolate sponge baked with a cheesecake centre and cream cheese frosting.

Surprisingly, the carrot was my favourite cos it was just so damn moist, it basically melted on the tongue.

Fair to say we felt kinda sick afterwards but who really cares?

The Mae Deli 

This is the kind of foodie treat that doesn’t leave you feeling like some kind of beached whale at the end of it. You know, where your stomach kinda loves and hates on you in equal measure and you’re not entirely sure when you’ll be able to move again. Sexy thing you.

The Mae Deli doesn’t do that cos it’s Deliciously Ella’s deli (in case you have been living under an actual rock, this is Deliciously Ella – she’s basically everyone’s healthy eating crush) and all her food is super tasty and 100% good for you. Handy eh?

The deli is beautifully decorated across two floors, full of light wood and soft blues and greens. It's fresh, yet cosy.

It does get crazy busy, which is a downside. We arrived before lunch rush hour and still had to wait 20 minutes for a table. The food, however, is totally worth the wait.

It’s a pretty simple premise; you can have a bowl full of four different dishes, hot or cold or both. I was, however, slightly overwhelmed by the choice so definitely just picked at random, under the belief that everything was probably gonna taste dandy. Which it did.

I think I had sweet potato falafel, a vegetable Thai green curry, charred kale and broccoli and some kind of dreamy rice full of a whole host of tasty things. For pudding, I had a tropical berry smoothie and a peanut fudge slice (there is something strangely satisfying about eating dessert and knowing it’s good for you).

It was all incredible. It’s really worth going to the Mae Deli just to understand what Ella is going on about; the food all tastes amazing and leaves you feeling pretty marvellous, full of energy and a satisfying level of full.

The only other downside is the price; sadly not the same as cheap and dirty fast food. But, unfortunately, we still haven’t reached the point where we won’t be charged a small fortune for wanting to eat proper healthy. We can live in hope.

Anyway, this is a post about treats so stopping thinking of the cost babes; it's against the rules.

Enjoy lovely peeps x

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