29 Feb 2024


Alfie’s first haircut. I am still not over how much older he looks. 

A trip up north. After a weekend staying with cats, Alfie now shouts ‘TAT’ and ‘MEOW’ every time he sees a cat, or a picture of a cat. 

Driving down the motorway and seeing a family in the car next to us all laughing. 

32 years around the sun. 

A Thai massage. Not what I ordered but exactly what I needed. 

Sushi lunch date. 

Making my favourite Guinness cake because if you can’t bake your favourite cake on your birthday, when can you?

Pancake day! 

Nine years together. 

A woman with a neon pink umbrella on the greyest, wettest weather day. 

The first hints of spring; magnolia buds, white blossom, daffodils.

A lunch date with my gal, the best kind of catch up where it’s like no time has passed. 

Lighter evenings. 

New babies joining the gang. 

Baking with my boy for the first time. 

Alife’s first babyccino. The milk moustache was spectacular. 

Alfie calling birds ‘tweets tweets’.