31 Jan 2024


That fresh new year feeling, new possibilities.  

Sushi lunch for mum’s birthday. 

Baking two birthday cakes. 

Easing into the year. 

Lots of freshly baked bread. 

Pale winter light. 

Candles that smell like baked goods. 

Toddler birthday parties.

Brilliant British television. 

Finalising and booking my sister’s hen do. 

Tabby McTat on repeat. 

Catching up with my auntie. 

Book vouchers burning a hole in my pocket. 

Dinner in London with an old friend. 

The loveliest afternoon at a National Trust place with old friends and our babies. 

Catching up with family friends. 

Flowers from my sister after a rubbish week at work. 

A lunch date in Cambridge; pizza and bookshop browsing.

Cosy, gentle, slow after the busyness of December.